Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NBC's "The Playboy Club"

What planet did THIS club exist on? When my mom worked the Los Angeles/Hollywood club on Sunset 1965-66 there was no touching of Bunnies, no leaving the club in your uniform (even if you were disposing a dead body in a river), no smoking where anyone could see you, no dancing with the customers, no sitting down on the job (they "perched" on the backs of chairs). Bunnies didn't go into the "liquor room", and most definitely Bunnies didn't murder their customers with their stiletto heels even accidently. That would have been worth a gazillion demerits easily.

Bunnies were the squeaky clean fantasy girls-next-door. They could have been fired for behaving like the bunnies in the show. Whoever wrote this or was otherwise involved in the creative process is either an idiot or delusional. My mom was proud to be a Bunny. Now, in less than an hour, she feels sad and humiliated.

Back to "Castle" on Monday nights, I guess.

Mary-Margaret O'Brien
(Your roving entertainment reporter with all four feet on the ground!!)


The Sewing Loft said...

You got to watch that show? Our Mommy made us watch Castle! She said we did not need to see those Bunnies, would do nothing to further our edacation. Sooooo....Castle it was. We were thinkin it was gonna be about knights in shinnin armor and ladies in long and bootiful dresses, livin in big stone houses. WONG!!!

Lisa said...

How cool,your mom being a Bunny! Everyone knows that things are exaggerated on TV. Tell you mom she should be proud to have had such a iconic (is that the right word?) experience in life. Have a great day you two!


TV, real life. BOL Real life is more like a comedy of errors than conspiracies and other such non-sense. Next you will tell us politicians tell the truth. The last one there was either Teddy Roosevelt or Abe Lincoln.

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