Saturday, September 10, 2011

2009 Valentine's Day Dress - FINALLY

Guess what I finally got? Hmmmmmmm???

Now I'm not saying it's the fault of our fine United States Postal Service but....! We were looking for it every day back in 2009 and MaryElizabeth even called our post office saying we hadn't gotten it. They know who I am and told her "You DO know that Mary-Margaret O'Brien is a dog, don't you?". Well, of course she knows. Everyone knows. I'm not ashamed of my heritage or my ancestry. I'm proud and I stand up tall, head up and chin out. YES, I AM A YORKSHIRE TERRIER!!

Still.....No reason to take two years to get me my dress, is it? Hmmmm???? I do love it, too. Ruffles and all. Makes me feel everly so feminine!!

I might have grown a tad and maybe gained a little weight in two years. What do YOU think?


Mary-Margaret O'Brien


The Sewing Loft said...

Mary-Margaret, you look soooooo bootiful in your pretty dress! It was 2 years getting to you, and it fits, have some kinda self control when it comes to treats! An it dudn't make your hiney look big at all. :D

Jillie and Andy
The Yorkies

Lisa said...

I think you look just Beautiful! Your Valentines dress really becomes you. Have a good week you two!