Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wall Street Journal on Playboy Bunnies

WSJ on Playboy Bunnies

Why is it that when someone is interviewed, the quote is read back intact, and it STILL gets tweaked by the time it hits the news stand?? Mom said "customer's key", not "club card"! They didn't have cards back in those days! Mom says...this isn't who she is, it's what she did for a year of her life and it was great fun. Don't believe a thing Gloria Steinem says. Bunnies were treated with great respect. And if anyone DARED to even "touch a Bunny", their key was confiscated and they were booted from the club. There were room directors and managers everywhere to keep the ladies safe, and the club had a direct line to the police department in case anyone really got out of hand. Bunnies performed charity work and entertained troops, appeared in parades and on television, too.

Gloria Steinem contributed a lot to Women's Liberation, but is totally delusional when it comes to Playboy and their treatment of the Bunnies.

PS - For the record, Playmates (girls in the magazine) are NOT the same as Bunnies who were the untouchable fantasy "girls next door".

Happy Weekend!

Mary-Margaret "Playboy Doggie" O'Brien

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