Sunday, August 14, 2011

"God's Will Be Done" - Sunday, 8/14/11

(another installment in the Yorkie Brigade Chapel series)

Good Morning...Good Morning! Glad to see you all here dressed in your casual go-to-beach wear on this absolutely beautiful day. We have two very special guest speakers today - Gizzie and Buffie from Miami Beach:

Please welcome Gizzie and Buffie to the podium. They have a very inspirational message for us.

Gizzie? Buffie?

(applause...clap clap clap...."Woo Hoo"...."Quack quack"...."cluck...cluck" (Ah....I see Graham Quacker and Diana Duck are accompanied by a group of chickens today)....."arf arf"....)

(Gizzie and Buffie, after climbing the steps to the microphone, clear their throats and begin to speak in unison)

Toni was looking for what wasn't really lost, and she found what she wasn't looking for. As a result, a group of people got a spiritual boost they weren't expecting.

Toni, who conducts a Bible study in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic in Alaska, was looking for her husband’s missing driver’s license. As she retraced his steps from the previous day, she visited a hospital. The missing license wasn't there, but a Christian high school chorale was, and Toni was touched by their worshipful singing. She asked the director if the teens could sing for her Bible-study group that evening. They could, and they did, —bringing hope, joy, and God’s love through music and post-concert conversation to some folks trying to put their lives back together.

Oh, and that driver’s license? Toni found it on a chair when she got back home. Apparently, the only reason she went out that day was so God could direct her to hear a bunch of teens who could minister to her rehab group.

When God guides us (Prov. 16:9), He works in ways we can't predict. He can use even our inconveniences to bring honor to His name. When we face a seeming nuisance in our day, perhaps we should look not just for what we think we want but also for what God has for us that day.

Between the circumstance and me,
A Father’s loving hand
Is working all things for my good—
All moves at His command. —Anon

(Gizzie and Buffie nod their heads to the congregation indicating that their presentation is over)

(YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY..."Very well done"..........bark bark..woof...............QUACK!!!....cluck......a cacaphony of praises fill the chapel)

Thank you SOOO much, you two. You both always have something inspirational for us to think about.

Earlier today my Mom was talking to my oldest sister who was saying that time flies so quickly and she doesn't know if she'll have enough time to accomplish all the things she wants to do in the time given to her. I told my Mom to tell her that she will always have enough time to accomplish what God wants her to do.

God has a plan and, as Gizzie and Buffie illustrated, His plans will take precedence over ours 100% of the time.

We ask that you bow your heads and take a moment to remember the pups and humans that we have lost this past week, and that a prayer be said for the transition of their souls from this world to their forever home. We also pray for peace for those who are left behind, and we ask that the Lord help them find comfort and solace in his everlasting love.

(silence for a moment)


Bacon protein cheeseburger sliders on the patio with kibble salad and Spring water slurpees, all prepared by our Ladies of the Leather Collar and, at the barbeque, our Knights of Pawlumbus (formerly Clawumbus but too many of the Bulldogs, Pekinese and Boxers had trouble pronouncing it). Enjoy enjoy!!

Before you race out the door, please turn to your neighbors as wag your tails as a sign of peace, love and friendship. Despite any disagreements we may have with each other, we are first and foremost united in our love of Dognamity. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. We can't change the past but we can choose the path we will follow beginning today.


Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Lt. Chaplain - Yorkie Brigade Chapel
"Yorkie prayers are Angel's wishes!"
"Pups for PPL"
"A dog has lots of friends because he wags his tail and not his tongue." Anonymous

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