Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good Friends and Bar-B-Q

Here's me with one of my newest best friends, Athena Maria Dugmore and her mom, MaryElizabeth. We went to MaryElizabeth's mother's house yesterday for barbeque. Mostly I played with AthenaMaria. We played "chase", "sneaky pounce", and for a while we were explorers on an expedition into deepest darkest master bedroom. Lots of good stuff in there.

This is MaryElizabeth's mother, Connie. She's absolutely amazing. She's about 7 years older than my Grandpa. She tells funny stories, and she laughs a lot, and her family is from Lithuania. She and my mom had a lot of things in common that they either remembered or were told by their grandmothers and great grandmothers. One of the things they had for dinner was Lithuanian potato pancakes topped with sour cream. My mom said they were the best thing she's ever had. I passed on the pancakes but AthenaMaria and I did have a little rib-eye. Good stuff.

We hung out and visited some more before dessert. I was stuffed and so was Connie so we both passed on dessert, too, but Mom and MaryElizabeth had some fresh home made from SCRATCH apple pie with BaskinRobbins 31 flavors vanilla ice cream. Mom says that's the way vanilla ice cream is supposed to taste. She's been buying the frozen stuff out of the market freezer but they're either too sweet or too fatty tasting. This BaskinRobbins place makes it the way she remembers it from when she was little. I guess we'll be hunting for a 31 Flavors store now.

Thank you for having us over, MaryElizabeth. We had the BEST TIME EVER!!!


Mary-Margaret "See you at the Yorkie Ball" O'Brien

PS - The Yorkshire Terrier National Ball is in Nashville, TN on October 13-16, 2011. It's the annual charity event that caps off the Yorkie social season, and all proceeds go to Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue, Inc. Hope to see you all there. Scroll down the link to learn more about our Ball!!! (NOTE - This is the ONLY time you will EVER see MEEEEE in an evening gown!)

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