Monday, August 01, 2011

Dr V, Nicole and MEEEE

Last Friday we went to see Dr. V about some unexplained bump on me. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE going to visit Dr. "V" (Melanie Verreault). She's been my doctor since I was just a little tyke of only 9 weeks old. We go waaaaaay back. Every time we pull into her parking lot I start hopping up and down. People in her waiting room are very surprised at how excited I am. They say that their pups cringe and try to hide. Not me! I LOVE IT HERE! I am waiting patiently for Dr. V to come and give me a check up.

I am very healthy. Round, but healthy. I do have some bumps but Dr. V says not to worry. They are non-contagious doggy warts. I have one on the base of my tail at the end of my spine, one on my neck and one on my upper thigh on my left leg. They don't bother me at all, but Mom was thinking about fussing with them. She doesn't like to see stuff that doesn't belong.

The scale weighed me in at eleven pounds. Aaaack. And I'm on diet food, too. Dr. V took me in the back and re-weighed me. Yup! Eleven on the first scale, and ten point eight on the 2nd. We decided to go with the second reading. I hadn't pooped yet, so I'm thinking there's another few ounces that will be gone in an hour or so.

We visited for a while and had a conversation. I really got into it, very serious and all, but mostly got laughed at. I WISH I could form my words more clearly. Dr. V did understand that I wanted some water, though. I said "Please?", so she brought me a bowl. She set it down and I sniffed it all over. "This is not my bowl!", I said. Dr. V said she washed it really good, but still...I could smell other pups on it. I don't LIKE drinking from community bowls. I was trying to make my point by attempting to flip it over but both Dr. V and Mom said "NO NO NO!", so I didn't. Sulking, I decided it was better to drink some water than to go thirsty, so I had a little. But just a little, to be polite!

Also, when I got there, Nicole (who loves me more than anything in the whole wide world and I love her, too!) had a bag of treats on her desk. She knows what a puppy likes and who am I to crush her spirit, hmmmmmm? That's got to count for an ounce or two.

Here's Nicole and me just loving on each other. It's what we do. When I was a little baby she used to put me on her shoulders and I'd nap while she did stuff on the computer.

Good news, too! Amy, who used to be a vet tech at the old place before the Hills sold it, is now a real full-fledged vet. She got hired at the old place where I still get my shots and my health certificate. Dr. Gindi isn't there any more. I wonder where she went? She was pretty cool. But I have to tell you I just can't wait to get another shot or something so I can see Amy, except now I have to call her DOCTOR Amy!

Stop, Drop and (look before you) Roll!

Arrgh. What's that smell? Yuck. I can't quite reach it and it won't go away. Pups like to go out in the morning and do their rounds, which sometimes includes rolling and squiggling on our backs on the fresh dewy lawn. Well, this morning it was "dewy" all right - spelled "doo-ey".

Mom noticed there was some gunk on my right shoulder and it STUNK.. STANK?.. STINKED? high heaven. I get a sponge bath in the sink but I still stink. "What the....?", she mutters as she notices my tags are glued together. Oh, yup...that's poop on my collar and in my tags....also in my toes. Collar and tags are washed, toes, and just about every thing else is scrubbed. I'm drying now, still somewhat a pariah in my own house. NOTE TO SELF: Look before rolling!!

Happy Monday!!

Love, Mary-Margaret
(They don't call me "Stinky" for nothing!)

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