Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rat Update!

First off, Mom called an exterminator but we got his voice mail. Then Mom called Riverside County Vector Control. They're the company that used to come out and place bait traps for rats in the old days. Mom was hoping that they'd remove the body and check for diseases, too. No such luck.

"We don't do rats!", was their response. Asked "Well, then, what DO you do?". She got put on hold and transferred to another person. That man person responded by confirming that they "don't do rats!". Instead, they "Comb through the fur of live squirrels looking for fleas, check the blood of the fleas for disease, and release the squirrels back into the wild!".

Last I heard her, she was grumbling something about "spending our tax dollars on the care and grooming of wild squirrels". Hmmmm...I wonder if they get pedicures, too??

Ah...! We just got a call back from the Everett of Rancho Pest Control. He said he remembered us and he'd go take care of the disposal of the body. I suppose taxidermy is out of the question? No Mounted Meese heads on my doggy house wall?



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Mr. Pip said...

Oh gosh, rats are scary. I hope they get there soon to dispose of the body.

Your pal, Pip