Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Trophy is Missing!

Wow! Talk about depressing. We got home and Everett still hadn't called. Mom hooked me up to my leash (drat-double drat) and I dove out the doggie door without thinking about it. Ooops! We have a slight problem. Mom reels me back in like a trout on a line, and we start over again by opening the big door so we can BOTH go out at the same time.

My first stop was the grass and....oh, the joy of it! Sheer relief. I hadn't gone since about 8:30AM this morning. On top of that, I had a case of the That took a while to clean out so Mom patiently looked over the yard while I was taking care of my business. Nope! No rat. Everett must have come by and forgotten to call.

We walked over to the corner where we last saw the rat and it was most definitely gone. Not a hair...not a flea...Nothing!! Poof! Darn that Everett. I am totally depressed. I just lay on the patio gazing over my hunting ground and sighed.

After supper we get all relaxed and Mom puts on her nightgown around 7:30PM. Then the phone rings and it's Everett saying, "OK! I'm on my way over!".

"Very funny!", says Mom. "You've already been here!". He says he hasn't because he got called on an emergency in DeLuz, which is way up back in the hills and there's no cell signal there. "But the rat's gone!", she says.

Everett laughs and explains all about nature to her in 25 words or less, suggesting that maybe one of the feral cats from the hillside, or an owl or a bird or a squirrel or a possum or a.....(you get my drift, right?)...came and took care of the problem.
I guess I can't get mad at Mom for my trophy disappearing, or at Everett. But DARN those hill dwellers. DARN DARN DARN!! I am bummed.

We are getting sprayed tomorrow. The lawn, the garden (such that it is), and around the house. No more Mr. Spidey sneaking up on Mom or hiding behind our toilet. And then Everett will do some web removal. This makes me happy!

Love and kisses...


PS - I also got my teeth brushed pretty good last night. I'm allowed to kiss my Mom again. :o)

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