Friday, July 08, 2011

Little Boys times THREE

First off, little boys have fathers. This one is one of my most favorite clients, Mr. B. He has THREE little boys: Kevin, Sean and Aiden. Aiden is too little to put on the ground but two out of three ain't bad, huh? Mr. B and Mrs B came to see Mom for a notary so that Kevin and Sean could travel. The boys are going to Hawaii with their grandparents.

Mom was telling them about there being no squirrels in Hawaii but there were "Mmmm...Mmmmm..." (and she couldn't remember the name of the animal). "I know it starts with an M", she said. And next thing, both Mom and Mr. B were looking it up on the internet. "MONGOOSE", said Mr. B. He won the race and Mom felt so silly not being able to say the word. I worry about her sometimes, you know. So if there is more than one mongoose, is it mongeese? Or mongooses?

This is Sean (on the left) and Kevin (on the right). I got them all to myself. I even got asked to babysit. Hah (I said) As if...? But they were very good. I figured out all I had to do was sit and stare at them and their eyes would say "Yes, Ma'am!", just like the little kids in Puppy School used to do when I mentored there.

What can I say? It's just my calling!


Chaplain, Mentor and Babysitter

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Heartprints Pets said...

I'm sure you're a wonderful babysitter, Mary-Margaret. :)