Friday, August 28, 2009

Three strikes and you're "squished"!

My mom is AFRAID of spiders. Big ones...little ones....hairy name it. She does NOT like spiders.

The other night she was in the bathroom changing my "piddle pads" and I heard her go "EEEEYEEEEEEWWWW!!".
"What? What?", I said, knowing that by now she should be familiar with what appears on a used piddle pad.
"SPIDER", she says. "YUCK!" And then I hear her say something like "Oh, crud. I'm too tired to chase you!". I guess "spidey" crawled into a cabinet or something. Not like I'm going to lose any sleep over it. The next morning, she gingerly picks up the corner of my still-clean pad. Nope. No spiders.

That night she sees the spider skootched up against the wall behind the toilet. She taps the floor next to it and it doesn't move. "Rats. I'll have to get it with the vacuum tomorrow", she says (thinking it's dead). She forgot about it the next day.

The next night she sees it's little body in the same place and reminds herself to get rid of him in the morning. This morning she grabs a wad of tissue to pick up the remains and...[gasp!]... it runs away from her. She goes after it with the plunger but it zigs and zags. It wins. It's fast and elusive. She says "Fine. Stay out of my sight and you live!".

Later this morning, it's right out there in the open between the Weight Watchers scale and the toilet. She grabs another wad of tissue and I hear her saying, "I'm really sorry, but this arrangement is NOT working out!", and then I hear the toilet flush.

My guess is that "spidey" is on his way to a burial at sea. And I won't have to peek under the edges of my piddle pad before I squat. And Mom, despite feeling a little guilty about squishing our uninvited roommate, is glad it won't be having any little "spids" to deal with later. She still hates spiders in general but she did develop some respect for this one. That's a first!!




MJ's doghouse said...

mary margaret...someomne told my mom that is you pup walnuts in the corners that there wont be any spiders...not sure if it works or not...but the girl was certain it did....

MJ's doghouse said...

Hey MMOB...tell your mama that the walnuts are in shells...i dont knwo how long you keep them...but maybe once a month....wish mamma luck....

Just Add Walter said...

love your blog... I have a yorkie too!!