Friday, August 07, 2009

California Appellate Ruling Bad News for Pets

This disturbs me everly so greatly. I sincerely hope that the Plaintiff takes this to another level. The impact that a ruling like this will have on all pet owners, especially those with disabilities who rely on service animals in their daily life, is so far reaching it's boggling. What were those Judges thinking??

California Appellate Court ruling - August 4, 2009

Animal owners cannot recover damages for emotional distress or loss of companionship over a pet’s injury or death caused by negligence, the Fourth District Court of Appeal has ruled.

Div. Three held Friday that a San Francisco attorney whose dog died after surgery cannot recover such damages against an Orange County veterinarian who allegedly rendered negligent care and then lied to cover it up.

Metropolitan News-Enterprise Online (Drop down to August 4th Publication of Ruling for the whole decision.)

To me, this is like giving license to vets to rake in the money without providing the necessary care, compassion and personal accountability to the pets of the world. What can we do (besides avoid Tustin veterinarian Diane Craig)? Even the California Veterinary Medical Association supported the ruling. How harsh! How cruel! How mercinary!

Humans rely on us to sniff out survivors of earthquakes, terrorist bearers of bombs, and drug smuggling vessels. We are trusted to rescue snow bound people in the Alps and babies from swimming pools. How many of us have given our very lives to save our beloved human from certain death? We bond...we love....we CARE! And they treat us like chattel...something to be owned without emotional value.


Mary-Margaret "The Activist" O'Brien

PS - GrandPapa's shoes arrived in ONE box. Whew! That had me worried.

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elaine said...

We object, too, M-M. We are living beings whose najor mission in life is to love our people. The judge who made this decision reminds me of the person who let Harper come into our lives. She gave him away as if he were an old chair instead of the loving little boy that he is.
What was this judge thinking? He must be a very lonely person without any love in his life from a devoted fur baby.

We hope the attorney takes this to a higher court where a judge with some intelligence makes the right decision.
abbey mia, harper and piper and our momma