Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Grandpapa's "Dissle"

Whoopsie! No wireless connection anymore. My Uncle Greg finally confirmed that either the router he was connected to was moved OR somebody "passworded" it. How RUDE! My poor GrandPapa, a Nuclear Physicist, is baffled by the complexities of computers and even though he's totally solved the question of the origins of the universe (photons, non-photons, and all), bytes and pixels whoosh on by him.

My Uncle Greg convinced my GrandPapa that he needs to get "Dissle" for his very own self. While checking out the whole set up, my Uncle Greg also figured out that GP was paying way too much for telephone by itself, and he actually found a package where GP could get phone AND dissle for less than he was paying for just phone.

Uncle Greg rocks!!

Everly so gratefully yours,


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