Tuesday, August 04, 2009

WHY do some people have dogs?

Me and my mom went out working today. One of the ladies we were serving didn't want me to leave.

"My daughter wants a puppy JUST LIKE HER", she said. "We have a big dog but he's outside all the time!"
Mom asked how come, and the lady said, "He sheds too much!". Ouch, I thought. Poor baby. Probably was a cute puppy but now his parents pretty much ignore him. And it's been like over a hundred outside here. I get all thirsty just walking from the office building to the car.

Then the lady continued on by saying, "My daughter wants a little dog she can keep in her room!". Hello?, I said. How boring is that? Confined to a room all day? Yucky!

Why do some people have dogs? Sheesh!

Mary-Margaret "Animal Rights Activist" O'Brien

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MJ's doghouse said...

i so agree with you mary margaret...i dont care how big or how small a dog is...if he doesnt have the run of the house....why bother....dogs are meant to be with its people