Monday, June 22, 2009


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! Yayyy. It means that our "fambly" gets together with lots of good stuff to eat. My gosh, I sure ate a lot of macadamia nuts. YUMMY!!! And then I had a hamburger (no bun). And then I burped and slept a lot. WOW! When my "fambly" has a party we yak a lot. And have hugs and kisses. I even get my own chair (unless somebody else wants it, in which case I get kicked out, but that's ok!!).

This is my cousin, Zooey. He's like FOURTEEN years old. He didn't used to like me much but I sorta grow on people (and cats). We're friends now. I can get almost right up to him now before he hisses at me. Things might have gone a bit better if Mom hadn't stepped on him when we first got there. "MEE-YOOOOOWWWEEEEE", he said, and I tell YOUUUU. He sure can move fast for an old cat.

This is the cake Aunt Janet baked especially for all the fathers. I probably would have had some if I wasn't already way to full. I licked a piece, though. I can honestly say it was VERY VERY GOOD.

My cousin, "H", brought her boyfriend Jeff. He's going to law school and he's going to be an attorney. He's everly so nice and he's got a tweaked sense of humor like the rest of us. He's as good a "punner" as my Grandpapa was back in the old days before I was born, or so I'm told. He gives great back scratches and cuddles, too. I think he's a "keeper". I hope to see him again.

Marshall and Peter just keep getting taller. Maybe 6'6 and 6'5, now. Pretty soon they're going to have to duck to get through doors, I bet. Most of my fambly is pretty tall except for me. They love me anyway.

My Grandpapa got lots of pressies. A book called "A Brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawking, a brown polo shirt, some juice glasses and a new table cloth. And some chocolates and a bottle of XX beer (in case he wants to kick back a bit).

I'm mostly sleeping today. I think I'm burning calories if I snore. Works for me, anyway.



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