Friday, June 19, 2009

Me 'n Justine

This is me and my VERY good friend, Justine, playing together this afternoon. I know...I know! Mom needs a new cell phone camera. Justine is saying "cheese" and I'm saying "Where? Where?", only you can't see my mouth very well.

Blurry pictures aren't nearly as fun as clear ones, are they? Mom's got a RAZR and it's maybe 2 or more years old. Time for a new one. I'd really like to get more pictures of me and my friends. Justine is just the right size of "People" for me. Yup!!



PS: Note the dark pink bow in my hair? It matches the dark pink name tag I got on the 11th. My friend, Gina the Duck Lady (at the Bank), asked specially for me to get a bright pink bow. And you know what? Hmmmmm? Gina wore a bright pink shirt to work today. I guess you could say that we planned ahead? MATCHED!!

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