Sunday, June 07, 2009

Movie Day!

Woo hoo! We watched movies today. First off it was "Benjamin Button". Cate Blanchett is really good in it. We never got tired of hearing her Southern accent, or watching her dance. We're following Thumper's Rule here. If we can't say somethin' nice, then we don't say anythin' at all! Yup, Cate Blanchett stole the show. Her and the lady that played Queenie.

Then we watched "There Will Be Blood", and something about the Plague, and then "Anabelle & Elvis", about a dead girl that comes back to life after the mortician named Elvis kisses her. It filled time for us. We started on another one about Traveling Pants but Mom decided to balance five months worth of bank statements instead. I napped while she balanced.

She folded some laundry and I went out into the backyard and barked "Hello" at our new neighbor. We haven't met them yet but, if it's up to me, they will be saying "Hi" pretty soon over the fence. Mom just says "Get in here, Mary-Margaret! It's not nice to bark at the neighbors!". Well for gosh sakes, how else do I get to meet them, hummmmmmmm????

Neither one of us remember being so tired on the weekends before. Must be the weather or something, huh?

Tomorrow it's back to work. Oh, yayy!




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Twix said...

Sounds like you and your Mom had a terrific day. We did a bunch of nothin today too. ~Twix