Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dylan Annemarie

This is my VERY good friend, Dylan Annemarie. She's 17 months old. We hit it off right away, and I even rummaged through my toybox to find the cleanest toy I could. It was my pink stuffie cell phone which, if I remember right, my Auntie Leslie gave me. Dylan really liked it. We played "chase" and "hide and seek" and "kiss" and all kinds of stuff. We had probably too much fun because Mom took me out for a bit, and then she said I had to stay in my private office.

When Dylan got ready to leave, Mom let me out to say good-bye. Dylan's mom said she wanted to kiss me. Oh!! (I said). I want to kiss her, too. So my mom held me down low and me and Dylan gave each other really big kisses. My mom said (rather rudely, I think), "I hope you don't mind dog spit!". Dylan's mom said "Oh, no. We have two dogs at home. Dylan is used to it!". So all is good in my world.

See how happy I am? This is a picture of me just before me and Dylan went another round of "chase". I just LOVE LOVE LOVE babies. Oh, and you know what she gets for lunch? Hmmmmmm??? Fresh cooked green beans in a baggie. I think that sounds almost as good as chicken and duck kibble. Speaking of chicken, I should also mention that Shannon brought extra chicken in her lunch for me today. I am everly so loved, dontcha think?

Happily yours,



Twix said...

You will be gettin a good nights sleep after all those fun games. Your friend is very cute! ~Twix

MJ's doghouse said...

i love little kids too..but sometimes i forget i am bigger and they get knocked on their bums...they usually think it is funny..but my mom is all crabby about it and doesnt let me play enjoy your playmates....i guess i will stick to big people