Sunday, May 31, 2009

Doo Wop?

Dear Diary - Today I've been working really hard on my napping skills. I've practiced my technique in a lot of places. Like 1) On the bed; 2) on the back of Mom's comfy chair; 3) on the stairway; 4) on the landing; 5) by the window (which is the most difficult due to constant distractions); 6) on Mom's desk, and 7) on the couch. I have to admit that I'm getting the whole process down rather well. A few more practice runs and I'll be able to nap on a professional level.

This is me on June 9, 2007, when I just starting fine-tuning my "craft".

I've come a long way, baby!!

Mom and I watched the movie "Marley & Me" this morning. I tell YOUUUUU! If I did HALF the stuff that dog did, I'd be in deep DOO. Yup. Fortunately, I know the difference between "testing the waters" as opposed to "pushing the envelope". The ending made Mom cry, though.

Speaking of "doo", Mom was doing her usual playing around on the computer and she found a rather catchy song that was recorded by some girls she went to high school with who were a half-year ahead of her. I wonder what would happen if Britney, Christina and Lady GaGa tried making music like that today. You want to see what the Class of '61 was like? Hmmmmmmm??

Mom graduated in Winter '62. She says that even though those were the "good old days", she'd never want to go back, and that every day of her life now is the best day ever. It's hard to find your way when you don't even know who you are yet (is how she explains it). I guess that would be scary. It's so much less complicated when you're a pup.

Here's the link to "Sparkle and Shine" if you want to listen. It charted at #6 the same week that Del Shannon's "Runaway" hit #1 (April 21-28, 1961). I think people call this "Doo Wop", but don't ask me why. All I know about is "doo=wop", like "have accident in house = get wopped"! Just kidding. I never get "wopped". I just have guilt trips laid on me! A "Wopping" would be over quicker.

Hi, Grandpapa!!

Love ya,

Your GrandPuppy....



Lorenza said...

Hi, Mary-Margaret!
You sure know the fine art of naps!
I am a Master too!
We watched Marley & Me the last weekend. We liked it a lot and we cried a lot too at the end!
Kisses and hugs

elaine said...

Dear Mary-Margaret,
Guess what!! Our moms graduated the same year, only ours graduated from college.
We have not seen Marley and Me yet. Momma keeps saying we will but she has not rented it yet. By the time she gets around to it, it will be on television.
By the way, you look so cute sleeping.
abbey mia and harper

FleasGang said...

We think you've mastered the art of napping, MM! We couldn't have done it any better and we consider ourselves "experts" too :-)

We checked out your mom's high school and holy doo-doo, there sure are a lot of famous alumni!

Shelly & Tommy