Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter is HERE!

Finally I get to wear my winter clothes. My sweaters, my Christmas t-shirts. Today I wore my black and white hound's tooth coat with the red quilted lining. Lots of people said I looked really nice, too. Very professional. Yup.

It's been everly so busy lately. Today I got so many belly rubs in exchange for making people smile. Amazing how little it takes to make some folks happy. They come in all determined and sometimes mad or sad because they have to take someone to court. It's my job to take the stress away and I'm very good at that.

One couple came in with a baby that was old enough to stand but not old enough to make words. His name was Jesus (pronounced Hay-Seuss) and we just played and played. I tried to take him to see my toy box, too. I was pretty excited about him being there but Mom asked Jennifer to babysit me for a while because she was afraid I might accidently poke him with one of my teeth. Hey. I'm very careful with people puppies. I even asked Mom if we could keep him, please? His mom and dad just laughed and said "No, that's ok!". Too bad. I would've like to have a boy of my own.

Tonight, just for fun, I ran out into the rain and told all my cat friends that I was home and going to bed pretty soon. I wasn't wearing ANY clothes at all, and I got wet and cold and raced around a couple of times. Then I ran in the house, up the stairs and hopped onto the bed. (hehehehehe) That's a good place to dry off if your mom doesn't catch you. "Wet feet!!!", she squeals and I hop right off. My kennel is lined with a sherpa pad, so I don't mind. I'm there now dictating to my secretary. The point is to get most of the water off your feet BEFORE you hop into your kennel so you'll be toasty and dry.

That's all for now.

Love ya...


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Lacy said...

w00f's MM, u help ur mom sooo much, me hopes u gonna git a big bonus at chrismas time..what wood she do wiffout u...

b safe,