Friday, December 12, 2008

Temecula Process Server, Murrieta Process Server

Did I mention that we serve process in Temecula and Murrieta?? Yup. And we do private investigations, too. We've had this business since 1977, way before I was born. And why, you ask, am I writing this in MY diary? Hmmmmmmm?

The reason is....(ahem!!)...I WORK here and I've been working since I was nine weeks old. Mom's doing an experiment with internet search engines, and she wanted to see how many hits MY DIARY would get if the right words were put in. You know....whatever gets picked up by those "space spiders". Huh? Oh...sorry! Mom says they're called "web crawlers".

So many people who are out of work during this "depression" are setting up shop as process servers, and working out of their car or a mail drop because they THINK it's pretty easy and makes a lot of money. Oh Dog, if you only knew what's really involved and how much responsibility a really good process server has to their clients, you'd think twice before doing this.

Just the other day we served a paper for one of our Arizona clients and me and Rocco (a miniature pinscher) really got into a barking match. I tell YOUUUUU...he was no gentleman. His dad picked him up and apologized to MEEEEEEEEEEEEE for Rocco's behavior. The nerve, I say. And Rocco was only half my size, too.

You can tell from the process you serve what the economy is like. Last month, lots of people filed small claims papers and paid by credit card. This month, they're being very careful with their money so we try to work with them, and maybe they won't have to spend so much with us as they do with the folks who have their office on the internet only, and not in a real office building. A bunch of clients told us they don't like delivering their papers to the "server" without meeting them, and they don't want to meet them in a parking lot or a street corner.

A couple of days ago we got a job from a couple who used one of these process servers. They gave him their money and now he won't call them back or even tell them if their papers were served or not. So they have to pay again to have someone else serve it.

I sure hope the country gets better really soon. This is very sad for people AND for pups. Some families are losing their homes and they have to put their pup up for adoption because they don't have any place for him. That's really a bummer, dontcha think?

We are here to SERVE you! (hee hee...couldn't resist that one!)

If you need anybody found so you can have them served, or if you want us to serve someone for you anywhere, locally or nationally, just click on the link at the top of this page and you'll go right to our business page with all the necessary infomation. If we think someone else could do the job better, we'll tell you and even give you some phone numbers to call. Yup! We will!



PS (again) - Go to Mary-Margaret's Diary if you want to read more about my life. MMOB
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Stephanie said...

hi mary margaret. My husband and I have decided to get into the process serving business in florida. So much to learn! We want to be totally professional. Our office will be out of our home. If you have any good tips for me and you would like to share it..i would greatly appreciate it. We have a dog too! and a cat..
Thanking you in advance!

Mary-Margaret O'Brien said...

Hello, Stephanie. My mom says that probably you should check with the sheriff in the county in Florida where you'd be serving and find out about getting certified as a special process server. All states are different. Florida requires certification unless you're a Sheriff (see Rules of Civil Procedure).

Also check with FAPPS which means Florida Association of Professional Process Servers. Research the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure about serving process. Most importantly, understand what your responsibilities and liabilities are to keep out of trouble.

Yup. And tell your pup and kitty I said "Hello".

Love, Mary-Margaret

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