Tuesday, December 09, 2008

"Have you seen my glasses?"

My mom put her glasses someplace and she can't remember where. She keeps looking all over the usual places, but nope! They're not there. Then she starts all over again...the bathroom, the car, the bedroom. Even in MY private places which is where she sometimes finds things, but to be honest? I'm not into glasses! Shoes, dirty laundry....that's my thing!

She went to work all day yesterday without them. Now that she has two sorta good eyes, she uses one for far away and the other for close (but not REAL close). All day long she looked like she was winking at her clients.

This morning, like maybe they'll magically appear, she starts hunting all over again. Right while I'm watching "Good Morning America" she interrupts me and says, "Have YOU seen my glasses?". As if..........???

BTW....GMA had a really hairy brownish kid and a bald kid that only had blonde hair on it's head playing together and even kissing. I thought that seemed pretty normal until "The Momster" pointed out to me that the hairy kid was actually an orangutan. You learn something new every day on GMA. Kids of all species always play well together when they're little. It's the grown ups who teach us not to get along.

Philosophically yours....


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