Saturday, December 27, 2008

Over the Freeway and through the Roads... Grandpapa's house we gooooooo!!

Yup. Today we took my Grandpa his pressie and we went to lunch, and up to the Palisades where my mom grew up, and drove around. Oh Gosh! It was such a bee-yoo-tee-full day. I saw the whole Pacific ocean, and the sail boats and the big tankers. I bet I could see ALL THE WAY TO RUSSIA. (Just kidding, Ms. Palin!) I tell you, I really could see all the way to CATALINA, though.

Here's a picture of my Grandpa in his new sweater vest from MEEE (and Mom), and his new shirt from Greg (for his birthday). He sure looks handsome, doesn't he?

I think Mom surprised herself that she remembered how to get around in them thar parts. She just shut her brain off and let automatic pilot take over, and she was fine.

Love and Happy End of the Year...


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