Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Mom is smiling here!

Believe it or not this is about half the size that her head was this morning. She's feeling everly so much better. This morning tears were just flowing down her cheeks and she couldn't even talk. Dr. Bishay drained the abscess and she was fine for a couple of hours and then it got even worse, so she went back and he unplugged it and it's staying unplugged until Monday when she gets her root canal.

Between pain pills, antibiotics and swishing salt water in her mouth she might just be all better pretty soon. Tonight she plans on making up for all the sleep she lost last night.

In case you forgot, this is what she looked like a few days ago. Note the symmetry? Color? Eyes going in same direction?

Love you Grandpa. Talk to you tomorrow, ok?

Your Grand-doggy and Field Agent in Temecula...


PS - Every body has bad picture days. Here's mine (posted to make my mom feel a little better):

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Lisa said...

So glad your mom is feeling better. When you have that much pain with a tooth you actually welcome a root canal. And Mary-Margaret I think you look just adorable in that picture. Matter of fact I don't think you ever take a bad picture.
Have a good day