Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Dear Grandpa...

Hello! It's ME, Mary-Margaret!!

Mom asked me to write you and tell you that she can't talk. She has a really bad abscess in her #6 eye tooth and it is pretty much swollen all the way up to her eye socket and she can't smile or anything. She says not to worry because she has an appointment with her regular dentist tomorrow, and her emergency dentist took an xray and gave her a prescription for some antibiotics and now she's home and on pain pills, too. So she's quiet AND loopy. As long as she doesn't forget to feed me my supper I can live with it.

I probably shouldn't mention this now but....the dentist and both ladies in the dentist's office asked my mom "Where's Mary-Margaret?". Yeah...that's the truth. They knew me but not my mom. One lady even said if mom had just told her that she was Mary-Margaret's mom, they'd know right away who they were going to see.

So...there you have it. She says to say "sorry" about not being able to talk but that you'll understand and maybe even sympathize a little bit with her predicament. Maybe. I do. I'm being very good and loving and not bugging her.

Oh yes...and I should tell you that the garage door is being weird again, but it's got a really long guarantee so she's going to call the garage door company to come out and fix it. It "hiccups" and stops before it opens or closes, and she has to hit the button over and over before it finally does what she wants it to. Stoopid door.

She's going to go sit in her chair and try to stop hurting now. She just put a bunch of ice cubes into a wet wash cloth and she's holding it on her face. I don't think tonight is a good night to hop into her lap and ask her to share her supper, do you?

We love you, Grandpa.

Your Grand-doggy...


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Lisa said...

I'm glad you're being so nice to your mom Mary-Margaret. Tooth Pain has to be just the worst! I had one once and I thought it was worse than childbirth. No kidding. Tell your mom to hang in there and get some rest.