Friday, December 10, 2010

Meeting old friends...and Santa, too!

Remember my teacher, Miss Lois? Back from when I was a young puppy in school? Well, guess who I ran into at Miss Marilyn's Puppy Day Spa, hmmmmm? Yup! It's Miss Lois and her two pups, Oliver (the black one), and Kinsey (the brown one). They go to Miss Marilyn's, too.

I got to play with all my friends today AND with Oliver and Kinsey. We really got along well even though they're just a tad bigger than me. Madison was feeling a bit under the weather which makes me sad. She's taking steroids for her "condition" (I don't think I should discuss other people's or Pup's medical conditions here out of courtesy to them), but it's affecting her figure. She used to be really slim and proud of it, and now she's rounder than I am. I love her for who she is inside, though, not how she looks. We took a long time saying good-bye today. We didn't really want to leave each other, that's what good friends we are.

Here's me after being styled. I decided to look slightly down and to one side instead of directly at the camera. I learn this stuff from people in my family and I think they have something there. Yup! I like how this picture turned out. My hair ribbon is bright Christmas green to match the ribbons on my new Christmas dress (on sale at Vons for only $7.99). Mom says maybe we can go see Santa tomorrow. I hope we get one whose shins don't show and who has a beard that stays in one place. Maybe Petco? I liked their Santa from a couple of years ago when I went there with my Uncle Rudy. He was like the real thing.

About case you were wondering...her face is still throbbing and she's popping those pain pills every four hours. She takes the antibiotics every 6 hours. The swelling is pretty localized now, but the pain won't go away. Monday is when she gets her root canal. Big whoopeee, she says.

Sorry to bore you. I know I should be writing about MY life and not my mom's but she's a pretty big part of my life AND she's the one who feeds me, drives me around, and changes channels on the TV for me. I figured I'd give her a paragraph tonight for anyone who cared.

That's it for now. Thank Dog it's Friday!!



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