Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

This is what it looked like on December 22, 2010. The dry creek behind our office was almost overflowing. Chunks of the bank on the other side kept dropping into the raging torrent. A few more days of this and the parking lot on the other side will be floating downstream, cars and all.

Here's my Christmas at my cousins' house:

What a wonderful day! Family, friends, food.....and a new cousin, Bunny Lucille!

This is Clancy. He's 13 now. No, he doesn't have a pony tail. That's the back of Cailin's head. She's standing behind him, but it does sort of look like he has long hair that way, don't you think?

Electronics keep kids and other relatives occupied in the living room while I hang out in the kitchen hoping someone will let ME taste the food. That last picture is my Aunt Joelle (Uncle Jason's sister), Cailin and Clancy. Cailin got a Kindle for Christmas and she can play games on it AND read books.

I got a really neat T-shirt for Christmas. It's white and has sleeves (for cold weather) and says "I WOOF you!" on the back. I LOVE it. I also got a chocolate (the kind I can eat) pretzel. I would definitely win a pretzel eating contest. "Now you see you don't!" is my mantra.

Merry Christmas to all....



Lisa said...

Love you Mary-Margaret. Happy New Year to you both.

Anonymous said...

LOL -- Clancy does look like he's got a ponytail in that pic. And you know what? He's rocking it.
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