Saturday, October 30, 2010

More on Dexter!!

This is my very good friend, Dexter, and his mom Tina. They work on the second floor of our building. We have a very dog-friendly office in Old Town Temecula. When my Auntie Lynda (who calls me "PooPoo LaLa") was managing the building she'd even ask prospecive tenants if they had any problems with dogs working here. If they didn't like it, she'd tell them she had other buildings they'd probably be happier in. See why I love her?

It was pretty much of a challenge for Mom to get a picture of me and Dexter together because we are "pups on the go". We move around a lot. Well, there's so much to sniff...places to "go"....people to see. Like I said, we read our "pee mail" together. That way we can cover twice as many bushes in half the time.

Finally I think our moms got tired of chasing us, so his mom picked us up and now you have a picture of both of our faces...sort of, anyway. You can tell from the photo that I'm just a wee bit annoyed of being interrupted in the middle of such important business. And you can also see that Dexter is mapping out his next copse of bushes for his Advanced Sectional Sniffing. We work well together.

More on this partnership "sniff-a-thon" next week. I'll keep you posted.

Love and kisses,


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