Saturday, October 02, 2010

Cleaning Closets and Other Fun Things

There's a pile of clothes on our bedroom floor that resembles a colorful Mt. Everest (to me, anyway!). A "certain someone who shall remain anonymous" decided to go through her left hand side of one of her closets and, if she hadn't worn something for at least 5 years, toss it. Yup. Bye-bye clothes. Hello, Goodwill.

Meanwhile, since I wasn't allowed any say in what outfits of mine I got to keep, I decided to go toss pillows and make a fort. It's kind of depressing to see all my XXS, XS and S outfits get packed for the Goodwill, too. It's just a reminder that my waistline is continually expanding. Maybe I can talk my mom into donating to the Animal Shelter instead. That would be MY first choice. Remember when I gave all my baby clothes to the Hill's Pet Medical Center? That was long before the Hill's moved to Klamath Falls, when I knew that such donations would be appreciated.

There's one of those tables with long skirts over it and a glass top in the corner. I am very comfortable in there and I only come out if something more interesting is going on, like maybe....supper?

This was one successful pillow toss, if you ask me. For some reason, I prefer the sofa without pillows. I make a little nest by scratching and turning around until it's just so, then curl up for a nap. See? Doesn't that look comfy??

Happy Saturday to you all...



PS - Here's one outfit I can still squish into - my pink camouflage hoodie with sherpa lining. Thank goodness! One never knows when they'll have to climb that Mt. Everest.


George the Lad said...

You are good at pillow tossing, that's one of my best games, sometimes if mom don't see me I chew the zips off them lol
Sorry you have grown out of your clothes, I'd say its a good excuse to get some more!!
See Yea George xxx

Lisa said...

You are so cute Mary-Margaret. I love your hiding place. I bet it feels real cozy inside. Love you.

Lisa said...

Hello Mary-Margaret and mom of Mary-Margaret,
I saw your picture and write-up in the Spookie Yorkie Times. Just loved your Halloween Costume. You are really cute in it. Although you are really adorable anyway.
Have a good day,

Neeko said...

Hello Gorgeous ♥

I Love this picture of you with the pink camouflage hoodie.
Do not stress over tight outfits.
My Mommy says that if you know that you are making somebody happy by donating them, it is so worth it and it makes you feel good too!

Loving youuu,
Neeko ♥♥♥