Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mary-Margaret, the Explorer

Absolutely I do NOT like a leash. There are way too many exciting things to explore...sniff....roll in....! I went with Mom to serve a paper today and the people we needed to talk to were all busy. The receptionist was on a "conference call". We wait. After about 10-15 minutes, I get a bit heavy (so I'm told), so I get put on a chair and told to "stay". Oh, that goes over real well, you know?

I'm good for maybe 5 minutes of this and then, when no one is looking, I hop off my chair and go through the open door. I hear people. That means possible "belly rubs" or treats. Oops! I'm busted before I get half-way down the hall. Mom comes through the door after me and just as I'm getting to know "Bob", she gets all flustered and apologizes for my lack of manners.

"Excuse me?", I say. "But YOU are the one interrupting here!" Bob introduces himself to her and she back to him. "Hello? Hello?", I ask. "Do you not see a puppy who needs some personal attention?", but I get scooped up instead and Mom goes back down the hall glaring at ME! Like I did something wrong? I have found all kinds of yummy things to eat in break rooms and kitchens, you know.

Pretty soon, another lady comes out and she and Mom and the receptionist start yakking about how they think they know each other. Turns out they played in a Bunko group about fifteen years ago and have an old friend in common (blah blah blah). Mom tells the lady she's got some legal docs for their company, the lady goes and gets a man who isn't thrilled about being served, and the ladies still keep yakking. I'm getting fed up with this and would REALLY like to go find "Bob" again. He was everly so nice to me and I'm sure we would have become great friends. I am being literally held against my will.

Time to say "Good Bye", though. And everybody (except me) leaves on a happy note. I overheard Mom talking to my Grandpapa tonight, and I think I'm going to be back on a short leash for the next week or so. So NOT fair!! It doesn't even reach to the crawl space under our office building where the squirrels hide. That leaves only the lizards to socialize with. Unbelievably not fair.



MJ's doghouse said...

oh dear mary margaret...are you getting put on time out...that sucks...i think it was nice of you to introduce yourself to the people in the building...commom courtesy if you ask me....what do moms know...really

Deetz said...

So not fair the short leash and all.
I cannot believe how rude your mum was interrupting your conversation with Bob...I mean, Bob probably had treats or something in his pockets, dinner, or dessert.

Lacy said...

Its just not fair Mary Margaret...If she not gonna pay u any attention, u has to find sumone who will..

b safe,