Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cats do NOT lip-read!

The nerve! I tell YOUUUUUUU! Here I am, standing at MY window, warning off all cats and other possible intruders, when my MOTHER sneaks up on me and whacks my rear. "EEEYIPE!!" (I said) and glared at her. She glares back and says "WHEN I SAY 'STOP', I MEAN 'STOP'!".
"Oh? You mean the FIRST TIME??", I mutter quietly, not wanting to get into an argument. She still believes SHE is the alpha dog around here.

Unbelievable. And then she says I've got way to much "attitude" lately. Who? Me? (I ask) OK...maybe I do take longer to do what she says than I used to. Maybe I do think "You're not the boss of me!" in my head, but I don't SAY it. Maybe she can hear me think? Probably, knowing her!

Anyway....Fooey Pooey, Louie! So I just look out my little window and say absolutely NOTHING! Nope. Well, maybe a really quiet little "wurf" now and then when I can't see her, but that's it. How am I supposed to scare any cats or other things away now? Cats do NOT lip-read!

Silently yours,




elaine said...

Poor you, Mary-Margaret!
Poor you, Auntie Michele!
We think your Mom must be feeling some stress, M-M and she needs you to cooperate and not make it worse. We bet she is beginning to worry about the business and you have not even left yet for your trip east.
Maybe you should give her some slack and be the bestest girl you can be.
abbey mia and harper

Deetz said...

the Nerve!

Twix said...

Oh, I know how you feel! Cats, squirrels, kids, motorcycles, mice, momma is always telling me to hush! Course it doesn't help that I have an ear piercing bark and I bark forever! I'm a newbie in the dog blogging world and it is nice to meet you! ~Twix

Anonymous said...

No need to wack a small dog. Abuse is never the answer.

Mary-Margaret O'Brien said...

For the record, in defense of my mom, it wasn't a hard whack. More like a pat. But it sure gets a pup's attention when they're not expecting it.

My mom would NEVER hit me, hurt me, or neglect me in any way. Nope!!