Thursday, May 28, 2009

But I don't WANNA go home!

I TOLD her and TOLD her. I do NOT want to go home. I'm having a really fun day meeting and greeting people. We had a bunch of folks come in for a notary while Mom was at Starbuck's getting coffee because the Edison company had to work on the power in our neighborhood and instead of starting at 8:30AM when they were supposed to, they shut the power off at 5:00AM while we were still sleeping and a "certain somebody" hadn't had any coffee yet, but I digress. She was gone for maybe a half hour and I have to admit that I did a very good job of entertaining them, with Shannon's help, of course.

So her day was pretty "sucky". Mine was pretty good, actually. Here's me in my car seat and Mom's telling me to "Get OUT of there, Mary-Margaret!!", and I'm saying " way, Jose!". I dig my fingerettes into the netting and it's making her mad because she can't lift me out. (heheheheheheheh!!)

Eventually, I give in. But not until she mentions that I'm having turkey for supper. Yup. That'll do it every time.


Mary-Margaret "The Stinker" O'Brien


elaine said...

Does your mom say to you what our momma says to me - "It is a good thing you are so cute, abbey mia, or you would have a for sale sign around your neck?" I know she does not mean it but she says it out of frustration. She sometimes says the same thing to harper.
abbey mia
p.s. We are counting the days until we see both of you.

Twix said...

Hi again! Sounds like you and your momma have had a rough week. Sorry to hear that but glad you had a good day Thurs. In case you haven't been able to stop by my place, I do like applesauce and pretty much anything else edible! ~Twix

Maggie and Mitch said...

A couple of nights ago, mom was going through the DWB blog list but she was on page 1 & 2! She wanted to see how many doggies that have been blogging for 2-3 years were still blogging and you're one of them Mary-Margaret! They aren't many at all!
We need to give ourselves pats on our puppy heads, right?!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch