Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Temecula Attorney Service

If you are looking for a professional process server or private investigator in the Temecula, California area, try RASCAL, which is where I work. Yup. That's me over there. I'm the receptionist, and I'm very good at my job, too. I'm also in charge of Public Relations. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE my clients.
When someone comes to our door, I get up and go greet them. I sniff them, and if I'm not otherwise busy, I might hop into their lap and see if I can get my shoulders or ears rubbed, or maybe even a belly rub (if I'm lucky). Sometimes they even bring me presents or treats.

Lots of people think Process Servers are like delivery people, but there's a lot more to it. The biggest difference is knowing what laws govern the type of process that's being served and what manner of service has to be made. For example, a Claim of Plaintiff and Order (California's version of the Small Claims), has to be personally served no less than fifteen days before the hearing, or sub-served AND mailed no less than twenty-five days before the hearing IF the hearing is in the same county as the defendant lives. If the hearing is in a different county, but still in California, then it's personal no less than twenty days, and sub and mail no less than thirty days before the hearing.

If someone calls us to serve papers, we always ask when the hearing is. If we don't think we have enough time to properly serve the defendant, we ask our clients to please reset it so they don't have to pay twice if we can't get the defendant in time. They appreciate that. We are told that some process servers don't tell people about the time thing, and they just take their money and either serve it too late, or return it without serving it at all. That's everly so rude, don't you think?

We'll also file your proofs of service if your hearing is in a Riverside County court. Otherwise, we'll return an original and one copy of the proof to you with a note that you have to file it at least five days before the hearing. Another thing I bet you didn't know, huh? People don't like it when they get their papers served and they go to court and find out that the proof isn't on file. Then, the judge has to set a new date and he tells them to serve it again. Nope. That means they have to pay double, plus they lose a whole lot of time.

We keep working the papers until they're either served, out of time, or the address isn't any good. We call you when it's done or if there are any problems. We'll help you find a new address, too, if you want.

If you have any questions about any type of papers from any state at all, please call us at 951-693-0165 or email us at RASCAL email and we'll be happy to answer them for you.

I just can't WAIT to meet you.


Mary-Margaret "The Receptionist" O'Brien

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