Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Yawk New Yawk!!

My very good friend, Auntie Elaine, went to New Yawk last weekend and saw a show, "Chicago". AND SHE SENT MEEEEEEE A POST CARD. Oh, I was so happy! I danced...I hopped...I skipped. I sniffed it and I licked it and then I grabbed it and started to REALLY enjoy it when my mom snatched it away and said, "No! No!, Mary-Margaret! We'll put it with your collection". So there it sits on the shelf, way up high where I can't taste it any more. I can just LOOK at it. (sigh) But I am everly so grateful to her for even THINKING about me. Truly I am. How many pups have their own postcard collection, I ask you? Hmmmmmmm????

Here's my good friend, Jami, and her daughter, little Seka. They go with my Uncle Fidel to keep him company while he works. They come visit me about three times a week, usually for lunch. I don't mind sharing, and they really like my Eagle Pack Holistic Duck Kibble. Who wouldn't? Anyway, here they are all cuddled up together, sound asleep, while Uncle Fidel is driving about to his next assignment.

Don't you just LOVE having friends?


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elaine said...

I am so glad that the post card made you so happy, Mary-Margaret.
auntie elaine