Saturday, April 04, 2009

Ambushed at the Elevator

When we left the office last night to go to an appointment there was a photographer waiting just outside the elevator. He was very friendly to me so I let him take a few "pix". I even smiled a little for him. Then he started really snapping away. Wow! (I thought). So this is what a "super model" feels like. Woo hoo.

Just as I was starting to really enjoy my "photo shoot", Mom said "Come ON, Mary-Margaret. We're LATE!". Well, rats. Fine!! (I said)

As we started to get into the elevator, the "paparazzo" asked Mom for a business card so he could send her a copy of my picture. I'm still waiting. Sheesh! (and waiting, and waiting......!) If I ever get it, I'll post it up here for you all. I got to see one of them and it came out pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Maybe I'll see MEEEEE, "Miss Mary-Margaret O'Brien", waiting for an elevator on a billboard someday?

Blowing you all Hollywood air kisses...


*short for Mary-Margaret O'Brien like J-Lo is short know who!

1 comment:

Deetz said...

I can see you on hollywood blvd with your own star square.....
I just know you are going places.