Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our very favorite from Adam Lambert

You gotta click on the link. I guess we get in trouble if we post the whole video. Not that WE did, but some other pups did. So how come there's an "embed" code for the video on YouTube if they don't want us to "embed" it? Hmmmmmmmm???

Oh...back to (swoooooon!) Adam Lambert. Mom says he affects me like Elvis used to get her. Well, I can't help it. My heart just goes pitty-pat pitty-pat every time I hear his voice. it is: "If I Can't Have You". It's so nice to hear all the music and feeling in his voice without hearing him Yeah! That's it. He's got so much talent and we (me and Mom) like the music!



PS - Off topic, but I gotta tell you. Mom bought me "Bolt" and we watched it this afternoon. That is ONE KEWL MOVIE. Yup. I loved it. OK, so I watched the last half while I was "resting my eyes", but I heard it all. It's way up there. Go watch it if you haven't already.

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