Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hi Ho! Hi Ho!

It's off to work we go. Let's see. First off, we put my car seat in the back and Mom and Shannon drive out to Chihuahua Valley to serve a paper. I was pretty excited until I found out that there are NO chihuahuas there. Rotten trick, huh? But Shannon got so car sick from all the twisty turns that I thought things were gonna get pretty exciting. I kept waiting and waiting for something to happen, but Mom said she should go home and be sick. I was very disappointed.

We went to El Pollo Loco drive through before we got back to the office. I got a chicken leg off the dollar menu; Mom got a chicken breast, wilted salad and tortillas. Shannon just turned greener.

Tonight, I played "Hiding in Plain Sight" again. Boy, that was fun. I'd forgotten my mom doesn't see all that well in the dark. I just sat in the dirt planter on the side of the house watching the whole thing. Mom in her nightgown going "Mary-Margaret? Where ARE you?", and then slamming doors. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (I said), and stayed really quiet.

She comes back out and checks the other side of the house where I am. I just sat there, blending in with stuff and she gets close and says, "I SEE YOU GET INTO THE HOUSE RIGHT NOW!" I don't move a muscle. She says "YOU GET..." and I raced as fast as I could, lickety-split, with her hot on my tail. She was laughing, too, so I knew everything was ok.

Now I'm giving her dictation. I'm curled up on my soft yellow towel that she folded up and put on her glass desk for me. She's sitting there typing away. Life is good.




elaine said...

You and Harper must be kindred spirits (I love the phrase kindred spirits), Mary-Margaret. He frequently make me put on a coat over my night gown and go out on the deck and call him. When he is good and ready he saunters past me and into the house.
auntie elaine

cool dog checks said...

You have a real cutey dog