Sunday, April 03, 2011

Miss Dolly - Sunday's Guest Speaker

Goooooooooooooooood morning on the Sunday, April 3rd, 2011. So nice to see you all here today. Our very special speaker today is Dolly, who will be speaking on "A Christmas Gift from the Angels Above" to illustrate her special relationship with God. Please give her a big welcome....


(clap clap...applause....and then quiet)

(Dolly steps to the pulpit and speaks)

On Christmas Eve morning 2005 my mom was given what proved to be a very sick little doggy. She had to ride with Mom to deliver papers, and during the night she came across six puppy's behind the high school in the parking lot. Figuring they probably belonged at one of the houses, she went on to do her job but as it started to rain turning colder and sleeting, she came back to find them still there barking at her to help them.

As she drove in the lot, two ran away and could not be found but one came running to her, barking and the turning to run off, all the time looking back like she was trying to show her something. Realizing she wasn't a puppy but just a very small dog, Mom followed her to behind a tractor trailer and found me in a ice cold wet cage. She got me and my fur mom in the nice warm car where we found our sister Precious who had already been with Mom all night.

We waited in the warm car while she coaxed Tina,Rosie and Princess into the safety of her arms. My fur mom only lived a few days, though. The vet told mom she had a very bad heart and she had been bred every given chance through all her 14 years of life. She loved mommy a lot but her poor little heart couldn't handle the stress.

While mommy was at the vet she talked with a lady who came home with her and adopted my sister Princess. Princess was also taken to the vet and had a lot of money put into her health care and then wasn't picked up, so one of the workers there adopted Princess for his sister who loves her a lot.

Rosie, who had the same life, went to the bridge a few nights later. Mommy came home after a bad night at work full of thunderstorms just in time to say goodbye to Rosie. Precious made it a couple months while the vets were trying hard to figure out what was wrong with her. Finally the diagnoses was made and surgery was scheduled but the night before surgery she left us, too.

Mommy still cries about loosing them and the awful way she learned about puppy mills and Yorkie dogs but she always calls us a Christmas gift from the angels above and thanks the good Lord for helping her through the tuff times ahead.

Oh yes, My two brothers that Mommy couldn't catch that first night? They were caught later the next day and taken to a vet that adopted them out to Mommy's very best friend.

Thank you, Lord.

Photo of DOLLY - Last October 2010

PS: Mommy helped the police catch the man that had done this to us and 30 other little ones he dumped off all over north Alabama to avoid being caught.

[gasps from the audience and then....]

"Bravo"....."Yayyyyyy"....."Oh boy!"....(applause....and a standing ovation)

(Mary-Margaret steps to the pulpit again and licks Dolly's nose)

Thank you SOOO much for telling us your story, Dolly. I know how shy you were to begin with but I have to say that you are a very excellent story teller.

(MM turns to parishioners)

Isn't she, folks? Let's give Dolly another round of applause.

(clapping....applause....."woooos" from the Siberian Huskies in attendance....some sniffling and tissue passing...more applause)

We all survived April Fool's Day (no thanks to Rick Caran and Jilli Dog...nice one, guys! Telling us that Jilli needed a new home...INDEED!), and now we are only three weeks from Easter Sunday. For those Puppy Parents who plan on assisting the Easter Bunny by leaving hard-boiled eggs around your yard may I suggest that you make a map ahead of time so that you don't get a brightly colored and smelly surprise from one of your puppies later in the year?

Thank you again to Miss Dolly for the beautiful tribute to both her fur mom for her bravery, and to Susan for her loving care and devotion. Next Sunday we welcome Shadow Dancer to the pulpit as he gives us his version of the Ten Commandments.

Another announcement - one of our former parishioners, Miss Isabella, has won FIRST place in her division in her very first show in Las Vegas. Congratulations. We hope this is just the first of many blue ribbons for her kennel wall.

We now ask the Lord to bless both our fallen sister, Lacey, and her bereaved mother, Vickie. As most of you already know, Lacey ran into the street before her mom could put her leash on. Despite being a brave little fighter, God chose to take her home with him yesterday. Let us have a moment of silence as we communicate with the Lord on their behalf.

(silence.....more silence...and Mary-Margaret speaks again)


Now, let us turn to each other and wag our tails as a show of love, friendship and always compassion for our litter mates in God.

"Lord make us an instrument of thy peace!", and please help us always be as we wish others to be.

Kibble-cake and water in the Chez de le Chien...and.....

(Pups and parents already noisily heading out the door for refreshments and so Mary-Margaret sighs....and says....)

Blessings to all in the upcoming week.

Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Lt. Chaplain - Yorkie Brigade Chapel
"Yorkie prayers are Angel's wishes!"
"Pups for PPL"
"A dog has lots of friends because he wags his tail and not his tongue." Anonymous


Anonymous said...

We saw your blog, Vicki told us about it. Now you have some fans in England

April said...

I love the Sunday sermons! Very uplifting and a great way to start the week!