Saturday, April 02, 2011

Lazy Saturday!

Here's me dictating my Sunday sermon to Mom. Actually, my very good friend Dolly will be our guest speaker so all I have to do is the introduction and the ending. Pretty cushy job this week, huh? Next week Shadow Dancer will be speaking so same thing again. I sure love having guest speakers. I think Mom does, too.

You might notice my eyes are a bit glassy. I have allergies and I just got some medicine put into my eyeballs. Gross and disgusting, but I feel better after.

Mom had a bad reaction to something she ate for lunch. You REALLY don't want me to go into the particulars. Suffice to say she's really being careful about what she's eating tonight. Her ankles are still sore and swollen, but better than they were. All in all, we'll just say we both had a "crappy" day (pardon the pun).

Sooo....tomorrow we'll go to the post office and our main office and pick up the mail. We'll probably do up a report and maybe audit last month's billing. We check everything before, during and after we bill because we absolutely HATE making mistakes. It's my job as Vice President of Public Relations to keep our customers happy.

Time for supper....

See you in chapel!



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