Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Sunday everyone! Today is Sunday, May 22, 2011 and we are HAPPY!! No more tornadoes, no more flooding. Things are getting back to normal and the good Lord has kept us all safe.

We wish every one adopted in the month of May a very Happy "GOTCHA DAY". How lucky we all are to have our families to love and support us. Home is where the heart is! No matter what the rest of the world is doing, we are safe in our forever homes.

Mom's taking a little vacation this weekend. She's absolutely exhausted and so she told me to rummage through my "quote box" and find something suitable. I like this pretty much. It fits just about everyone I know. I wish I knew who wrote it but I don't and it was submitted "author unknown". Still, it was obviously written by someone who loves dogs, and probably dogs love them, too!

(ahem....cough cough....and Mary-Margaret begins to recite!)

Why Own A Dog?

Why own a dog? There's a danger you know,
You can't own just one, for the craving will grow.
There's no doubt they're addictive, wherein lies the danger.
While living with lots, you'll grow poorer and stranger.

One dog is no trouble, and two are so funny.
The third one is easy, the fourth one's a honey.
The fifth one's delightful, the sixth one's a breeze,
You find you can live with a houseful of ease.

So how 'bout another? Would you really dare?
They're really quite easy but, oh, Lord the hair!
With dogs on the sofa and dogs on the bed,
And crates in the kitchen, it's no bother, you've said.

They're really no trouble, their manners are great.
What's one more dog and just one more crate?
The sofa is hairy, the windows are crusty,
The floor is all footprints, the furniture dusty.

The housekeeping suffers, but what do you care?
Who minds a few noseprints and a little more hair?
So let's keep a puppy, you can always find room,
And a little more time for the dust cloth and broom.

There's hardly a limit to the dogs you can add,
The thought of a cutback sure makes you sad.
Each one is so special, so useful, so funny.
The vet and food bills grows larger, you owe BIG money.

Your folks never visit, few friends come to stay,
Except other "dog folks" who live the same way.
Your lawn has now died, and your shrubs are dead too,
But your weekends are busy, you're off with your crew.

There's dog food and vitamins, training and shots.
And entries and travel and motels which cost lots.
Is it worth it you wonder? Are you caught in a trap?
Then that favorite one comes and climbs in your lap.

His look says you're special and you know that you will
Keep all of the critters in spite of the bill.
Some just for showing and some just to breed.
And some just for loving, they all fill a need.

God, winter's a hassle, the dogs hate it too.
But they must have their walks though they're numb and your blue.
Late evening is awful, you scream and you shout
At the dogs on the sofa who refuse to go out.

The dogs and the dog shows, the travel, the thrills,
The work and the worry, the pressure, the bills.
The whole thing seems worth it, the dogs are your life.
They're charming and funny and offset the strife.

Your life-style has changed. Things won't be the same.
Yes, those dogs are addictive and so is the dog game.

Written by "Unknown Poet"

Thank you, everyone. Thank you. Thank you for being here
faithfully every Sunday and for loving each other and everyone in
our church family, and for your postcards to Sister Chiquita in
the Amazon. She wrote back the other day and said your well
wishes are what keeps her and the girls going.

Bean sprouts, soybeans, biscuits and apples chunks are on the buffet table
today, courtesy of Fachsie Dachsie Brownie troop #411. They
prepared everything all by themselves, and they even washed their
paws first. Very colorful and tasty, I'm sure.

Please turn to your pew mates and wag your tails and fluff your feathers
as a sign of peace and love.

Dear Lord - Please help us to be as we wish others to be! Amen

Go and share your glow with others not quite so fortunate!


Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Lt. Chaplain - Yorkie Brigade Chapel
"Yorkie prayers are Angel's wishes!"
"Pups for PPL"
"A dog has lots of friends because he wags his tail and not his tongue." Anonymous

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