Monday, May 09, 2011

My new friend, Chica!!

This is my new friend, Chica. She lives across the street and she's about one and a half years old. Her mom is named Nancy. Today when we came home from working Nancy and Chica were outside and me and Chica said "Hi!". Our moms started talking and next thing I know is they're talking "play date". Oh this is SOOOO exciting.

I see Chica outside sometimes but I'm inside and I can only say "Hello!" through the window. Now we have sniffed each other and even gave kisses AND we will have a play date.

I might add that I need some friends my own age (and species) to play with. Today when we went to pick up at a client's office I got off the elevator on the wrong floor. Hey, what do I know? All the floors look alike but this one smelled different. So I said "Hello" to everyone on the floor before I'd get back on the elevator. That kinda made Mom mad and some guy was hollerin' "LET GO OF THE ELEVATOR!" on one of the other floors. Oooops (I said)...sorry!

Then when we got on the third floor where we were supposed to be our client wasn't there. The envelope was by the door. That was fine for Mom but I wanted to see our client. So I sat by the door and wouldn't budge. Again, the "momster" comes after me but I'm too fast for her. I duck and dodge and I'm having the best time with this game.

Pretty soon a lady comes over and says "Is that Mary-Margaret?". I guess I have a reputation in town. So Mom says "Yes! And I can't catch her!". The lady is very nice and I know I've met her before so I go over and flip on my back for belly rubs, sort of like a Shmoo in a frying pan (if you remember L'il Abner comic strips, anyway!). I get my belly rubbed and then I get scooped up and handed to Mom.

Sheesh! Can't trust anybody any more.




LailaSmith01 said...

aw how cute. i bet chica would be a great playdate for you :)

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Lisa said...

Love you Mary-Margaret!