Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bogart and Me at the Doctors!

My new friend, Bogart. Isn't he cute? I mean, what you can see of him? He's sort of a golden blonde Maltese and he's only eight weeks old. He hit on me right away. Oh yes he did. At only EIGHT WEEKS he was right on my rear end, sniffing away and dodging my waggy little butt. He didn't know it but I was laughing at him. He tickled. He's way to little to get all serious, and every time he'd try to sniff my girlish charms, I'd knock him in the nose with my tail. It was pretty funny.

Mom wouldn't tell me what this said but the same sign was put out on two doors while were were waiting. You have to double-click the picture to see the writing on it. I'm pretty smart, though, and I have a good idea what's going on. I know it's a very sad thing because there were some ladies there who were crying a whole lot. I know I should mind my own business but when folks are in trouble and hurting in their hearts I think it's my job to comfort them. So I did. I just snuggled and kissed and loved all over them. I really think I helped, too. They didn't stop crying but they did smile through their tears for "Midnight", their pet. I didn't find out if Midnight was a cat or a dog or anything, but whoever it was they sure had a lot of love to take to the Rainbow Bridge with them.

God bless Midnight and those two ladies. Amen.



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Neeko said...

Hello Gorgeous ♥

Well you cannot really blame innocent little Bogart for trying :o)))
Pretty funny…
You are so sweet to give those sad Ladies your Love.

Neeko ♥♥♥