Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ups 'n Downs

A couple of days ago I was "arfing" at the door. I heard people go by and I wanted to be polite and say "Hello! Please come in and make yourselves at home!". By the time pokey Mom got to the door they were just leaving the hallway. I raced down the hall as fast as I could and darted out the door.

"YOU GET BACK HERE!", I hear my roommate/partner/mom yell. You'd think she'd know that does no good by now, but she tries. She's running down the hall and gets out the double doors just as the elevator door starts to close. Yup! That's me in the elevator, just sitting there alongside a lady I hadn't met yet. Well, you know what they say...a friend is just a stranger you haven't been introduced to yet!

The lady says "Hey!". I look up at her and smile. She says "You don't belong in here!". Oh yes I do (I thought) and stood my ground. Meanwhile, the "momster" is saying "Get out of there!" and I'm not budging. I know my rights.

Bottom line - between the two ladies I am no longer on the elevator and I'm being scooped up and carried back to my office. So NOT fair, I think. But it's not over yet.

We get almost back to the office and we hear the phone ring. By this time I'm back on the ground walking along, sniffing here and there. Mom throws open the door and dives for the phone thinking I'm right there. (hehehhehe!)

A while later, Hector and his pup, Maxie, walk into the office. I'm happily playing with Maya and mentoring her on how to get along with others. Mom's still yakking on the phone so Hector just waits. Mom hangs up and thanks him for dropping by. He looks at her sort of funny and says that he didn't mind at all. He just wanted to let me into our office since he didn't think I was supposed to be outside our door.

This is my friend Maxie!!

"OHMYGAWSH!", says my mom. Then she narrows her eyes at me and says "You little stinker!". I just give her my everly most winning smile. What can I say at this point? I love adventure. She is (in my opinion), overprotective and stifling. I am (in HER opinion) an unruly teenager.

Yeah yeah (I think). "What-everrrrrrrr!!"

Kisses and hugs...



Lisa said...

It's a good thing you're just as cute as you are naughty Mary-Margaret! Try to take it easy on your mom this weekend so she can rest up for next week's escapades.

TESOL certification said...

If I was your mom, I would definitely melt with your award winning smile! You're so adorable and cute!