Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Holidays are HERE!

I got my first Holiday card yesterday. It was addressed to "Mary-Margaret O'Brien and Michele Dawn". I noticed whose name was first but I was polite enough not to mention it out loud. It was from my friends, Abbey Mia, Harper and Piper Leshnower in Brighton, New York. And from their Mom, Elaine.

When Mom helped open the envelope she didn't even have to read it to me. I recognized the "writing" right away and grabbed it. "Mine, Mine, MINE!" (I said) and I carried it all around our office.

It's so nice to have friends who take the time to sent unexpected greeting cards that just brighten up our days.

Thank you, Leshnowers!



PS: Mom says "Thanks!" too.


elaine said...

You are very welcome, Mary-Margaret. We love Suzy's Zoo and thought of you as soon as we saw the card.
abbey mia, harper, piper and our momma

EFT for Cancer said...

Margaret, I myself is also excited about the coming holiday season! Hope you and mom have a good one!