Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday Fun!

I have been VERY good ever since my adventure last Wednesday. Really, I have. So I got to go see the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile this afternoon. It looks like a very big hot dog on wheels. They wanted to let me go ON the thing but I was just as happy looking at it. Mom got a picture of me and two weenie elves or whatever they're called. They were very nice but honestly, can you imagine? There were NO treats at all. Not one teenie weenie weinie. And I apologize. That's not one of my most flattering poses. If you double click on the picture you'll see what I mean. How unladylike, I ask you? Arrggghh!

In the market I saw some of my old friends. One of them even got a pup after finding out that we can be helper dogs, too. She got herself a Papillon named "Elvis" and she's absolutely over the moon in love with him. Most impressive was that she remembered my name...sort of. She called me "Margaret", which is better than most people do. And there was another helper dog in the market who was a puffy white toy Poodle. We're everywhere.

We're glad it's Friday. Mom says she's sick of tests. Next time the doctor asks her how she feels, she'll just say "Fine!" and that'll be it. Yup!

Love and schlurps...



Neeko said...

Hello Gorgeous :o)

Oooo... What a FUN outing for you!
No treats??? Really? Hmmm... What is wrong with some Humans?!
You look FABULOUS as always!

Glad you met new friends; that is always sooo exciting :o)

Loving youuu,
Neeko :o)

Lisa said...

I'm so glad you're being good for your mom Mary-Margaret. I hope your mom feels better and they don't have to do any more tests. No one likes medical tests or any other kind of test. Have a good week.