Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Midnight Surprises!!

It was a dark and chilly night.   Bed time rolls around and we go upstairs.  Mom turns on the electric mattress pad and plunks me on the bed.  We snuggle for a bit and then I hop down to the floor.  I find my pile of pillows in  the corner, rearrange them more to my liking and nestle in.  

A couple of hours later Mom feels the need for more snuggles and picks me up.   Ugh (I say), and wriggle my way to the top of the pillow pile on my side of the bed.  We're good for a while but I just don't feel right, so I scoot down to the foot of the bed and watch some TV before going back to my pillow pile on the floor.

About 2:15 AM, I am picked up AGAIN and put into bed, this  time under the covers.  We turn the TV off.  Mom thinks I'm cold and need some cuddles.   Some people just don't listen.

At 2:35 AM the bed starts to tremble and Mom wakes up.  "Huh?" (she says) and holds me even tighter.   The trembling increases and at 2:36 AM it's like Mt. Vesuvius all over again.  I blow.  Chucks and goop everywhere IN OUR BED.   "Arrrgh" (Mom says) and pats the place where I was laying because it's pitch black and she sees nothing.   "UGHHHH" and "EEEYEWWW"  (she says) as her hand hits the slimy mess.    Meanwhile I'm starting to feel a whole lot better.

Mom gets up, stumbles into the bathroom where she grabs a towel or two, plucks up the chunks and pieces from the sheets, blots and wipes off the slime, and then lays a clean towel over the now slightly damp spot on my side of the bed.   I'm nestled in my pillow pile on the floor, starting to doze off, when Mom says "I love you, Mary-Margaret!" and I know that all is well in our world.   My mom understands that this kind of stuff happens with pups.  When you adopt us you commit to loving us no matter what, even if your bed is full of slime at 2:36 in the morning.  It's for better or worse all the way.

Oh yeah...let me tell you that I know what created our midnight drama.   Free samples of duck munchies from the lady standing in front of Natural Pet Foods where we went to pick up my Core Wellness grain free kibble.   I told them I wasn't interested but the lady was determined to show Mom that her stuff was something that all pups craved.  So I gave in, had a couple, and I guess they stuck in my craw (if I have one).   No more freebies for me.

Happy Valentines Day to all.

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