Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My friend, Gigi Marie

We spotted each other right away as our moms were shopping at Natural Pet Foods on Winchester in Temecula. I always buy my kibble here. Oh sure, I might spend a few pennies more but the folks here remember me and they always give me treats. But I digress.....!

I was sitting in the little seat in the shopping cart and GigiMarie came right over, stood up and gave me a kiss. GigiMarie is a cream colored Bichon Frise type with bows over both her ears and she smiles all the time. I remember her from the vet's office and we start having some "girl talk". Our moms are like.."Huh?" "Who dat?" and stuff. So my mom goes "What's her name?" and her mom goes "Gigi...Gigi Marie! What's hers?", and my mom goes "Mary-Margaret!", and GigiMarie's mom goes "OH I REMEMBER MARY-MARGARET!".

Wow. Everybody is on board but my mom. "Where'd'd....huh? You know Mary-Margaret?", and GigiMarie's mom says that we were visiting at my doctor's office a while back, and then says "I'd NEVER forget Mary-Margaret!", so we all had a good visit. Me and GigiMarie got some yummy treats....I think maybe turkey and apple flavored, so just right for Thanksgiving. I got my Core Wellness low calorie kibble with no wheat, corn or other stuff that aggravates a lot of pups. I love my kibble. Did I mention that? YUM!! we're driving out the parking lot my mom looks over at me and says, "IS THERE ANYONE YOU DON'T KNOW IN THIS TOWN? HMMMM???"

I just laugh and ask quietly when my next driving lesson is.

Love, Mary-Margaret

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Nola said...

Ha ha glad you had fun!
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola