Saturday, October 29, 2011

Early snowfall in Lake Wynonah

Thank you, Alex, for sending this. Wish my mom was there to help you knock the snow off the roof of your cat house. For those of you who don't know my next door neighbor, Alex, I should probably explain about her "cat house". She's into cat rescue and (at last count) had 32 of them. She's even built a separate house for some of them that shares a common wall with her house and she has little "cat runs" that go between her garage, some parts of her house and the cat house. She's a very good kitty mommy.

I might mention here that her pup, Onya, is the one I go swimming with off the "C" dock when I'm at the lake. Onya is a lot bigger than me, but since I'm smaller than most cats it doesn't seem to phase her much. Onya and I are very good friends and we hope very much to hang out again soon.

Love and schlurps...


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