Thursday, August 04, 2016


(lovingly shared by her mom, Michele)

She loved to play hide-n-seek. Around dusk, she'd go outside for one last sniff and maybe a tinkle or two. Then she'd go sit on the slope among the gazania plants. It was not quite dark and in the twilight she'd blend in perfectly with the plants. She'd stay as still as a mouse as I'd call her, sometimes panicking that she'd somehow been carried off by an eagle or a vulture. I'd grab my halogen flashlight and scan the yard until I saw a flash of bright pink, the color of her little name tag. "You silly thing!", I'd say. "Get in the house!" and I could hear her little laugh as she raced inside.

In the morning she'd go to the back wall and stand on her tippy-toes. She'd yap a couple of friendly barks and pretty soon one or two of the feral cats would poke their heads over the wall and say "Hello and Good Morning, Mary-Margaret!". They'd play like this for a while and then skitter away until the next day.

When she saw a sick rat making his way across our back yard, she walked over and watched it. I said "NONNONONONO" thinkingshe had something else in mind, but she didn't. She stayed by the rat as it made it's way across the yard, and sat with it until it passed away. She sat next to it until I came and got her. She was kind and loving like that.

She absolutely loved everyone, from her dental hygienist and her vet to her CPA. Here she is with her accountant, Doug MacRae. They had a very special relationship.

We were on a Southwest flight to Nashville the year before last and a young newlywed couple boarded. The wife and husband were sitting separately and the wife was crying. It had been a long day and she wanted to sit with her husband. The woman next to us switched places with her and she settled into the middle seat, still shedding tears of exhaustion. Mary-Margaret climbed into her lap and started giving her kisses. They snuggled and then both curled up together and slept the rest of the flight. This is something Mary-Margaret did without thought. She soothed people and loved on them. She always knew what would help.

In Nashville one year I remember that the AKC lady was giving a demonstration with her own dogs as to the test that our pups would take. After each example the lady gave her pup a treat. Most of the other dogs in attendance were snoozing, but Mary-Margaret watched intently. About half-way through she hopped off the chair and joined in the demonstration, executing each command with precision and accuracy. When it was over, she got her treat and then came back to her chair. When the test was given, she got 100%. Not only was she sweet, but smart, too!!

A "ham" from the word go, one of her crowning achievements was being featured in a "cameo" role in a reality show for the WE Channel. Even though she never quite got her star on Hollywood Boulevard, she is mentioned in and given credit for her work. Not many pups can lay claim to that. Here she is at her "wrap" party with Donna Kanter (center), Producer and Director.

When she was only 9 weeks old she started "puppy school". She was an excellent student and got along very well with ALL the little pups. She graduated "magna cum laude" (if there is such a thing in puppy school) and she was invited to keep attending so she could mentor the new class of pups. She was an excellent teacher and only once did I see her discipline another pup. A little black and white Shih Tzu ("Pepper") was behaving like boys do and she was having none of it. She told him politely to back off and he kept at it. Finally, my teensy little probably 3 1/2 pounder at that time took her front paw, flipped him on his back and straddled him. The other pups gathered around and enjoyed the show. After that, the little Shih Tzu was a perfect gentleman. She knew how to get her point across.

We were visiting friends in New Jersey a while back and had a great time. She loved playing with their Yorkies (Rhett and Scarlett) and her fiance "Hashimoto" and when it was time to go she said "Nope!". She turned around and headed into the woods, all the time telling us in her own way that she was not leaving. It took a while to catch her, especially while we were laughing at her stubbornness.

Her life is documented at here on Blogger, although for the past year she's been posting more often to Facebook than to her blog.

She loved being the YTNR Chaplain, and she took great pride in working with Julie Gedro in giving the invocation at the Yorkie Family and Friends get together. She was employed full-time as the Receptionist and Head of Public Relations at Rancho Attorney Service of California. She has been writing a monthly column for the YTNR Newsletter faithfully for several years. She even created the Yorkie Brigade Chapel and held Sunday services for all creatures, fur and feathers, for one entire year.

Video Montage of Mary-Margaret's Life

Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Chaplain, Yorkie Brigade
She was who we all strive to be!
9/19/2005 - 7/26/2016

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Unexpected Visits

October 24, 2015

Oh, I just LOVE having company even when it's unexpected. Every morning first thing, my mom opens the slider and I go out and inspect my yard. The pups next door run over to the hole in the fence and bark "Good Morning, Mary-Margaret!" and I bark "Good Morning!" right back. Then I go on a sniff-a-thon, checking out the trees, fence and slope. When I'm satisfied all is as it should be I go back into the house, hop on the back of the recliner and watch TV.

Today we got a big surprise. Mom left the slider open so I can come and go as I please. All of a sudden we hear a really big, deep "woof" at the door. I hop down, respond "arf", and go outside to check things out. Well, hello there! There's my neighbor, a big brown and black lady German Shepherd, standing right there waiting for me. I hop out and we start wagging at each other.

Mom (as usual, being somewhat over protective) starts hollering "Stop...Mary-Margaret, you get back here!". Really? (I say). This is my friend from next door and we're just visiting. The "hole" now becomes an opening if she moves the fence boards to the side. Well, well, well! (I say). The big dog is really friendly and walks over to the fence. Mom holds the boards to one side and my friend skootches back through to her own yard. The fence is maneuvered back into place and it's going to be difficult for my friend to come over again, but we'll figure it out.

Meanwhile, I am very flattered to have my friends come over to my house to play. It's been pretty quiet since the feral cats moved and the people on the corner fixed their fence so their pup, Candy, couldn't get out and come visit. She used to walk right into my house and help herself to my kibble. We'd just let her nibble, then Mom would pluck the twigs and leaves out of her hair, and then we'd drive her home. That's Candy below.

P.S. My friend came over again and just hung out in the backyard with me. We both laid in the grass and quietly enjoyed the afternoon together. Then my mom came and got me and my friend pushed the board aside and went home. A little later, she came back and this time my mom put her investigative talents to work. She tracked down the owner of the house, found his unlisted phone number and told him about the fence. He said the house was rented to a military family but that he'd ask them to call.

About a half hour ago they called and then came over. Mom said that if they were looking for their dog that she was in my backyard. They were totally shocked that their dog had a life they didn't know about. Well, surprise, folks. Us pups DO have friends, feelings, activities and lives you don't know about. My friend is named Lexi and her sister (who stayed home) is named LuLu. Their dad, Jamie, got his tools and fixed the fence. DarnDarnDarn. But he left enough of a crack we can still rub noses together when we feel like it.

Have a happy Thanksgiving and always be thankful for your friends, especially the ones that pay surprise visits.

Mary-Margaret O'Brien Chaplain - Yorkie Brigade Chapel "Yorkie prayers are Angel's wishes!" "A dog has lots of friends because he wags his tail and not his tongue." Anonymous

Saturday, April 18, 2015

April 18, 2015 - Going through the car wash

Mom decided to get the car washed today. She checked all the windows and the sunroof to make sure we stayed dry. A couple of minutes into the cycle she hollers at me "WHAT DID YOU DO, Mary-Margaret?". (snicker...snark) Did I mention that I sit on her lap and pretend I'm driving as we go through the wash? I felt a little stuffy so I rolled down the back left hand window just a tad. Enough to get her pretty wet, though. Oh, I just LOVE my life. BOL Happy weekend, everyone.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Mary-Margaret’s Diary – A Day in the Life Of a Professional Yorkshire Terrier

Thursday, March 19, 2015 – I woke up on the cedar chest at the foot of the bed and noticed it was getting light outside. Mom’s still snoozing. I saw her foot sticking out from under the covers and decided it was time for her to get up, too. I hopped to the floor, stood on my tippy-toes and started boxing her foot like a prize fighter would a punching bag. “OW OW OW”, she said. “Stop that. I don’t have to get up until 8:00. Go use your piddle pad.”

I sighed and curled up next to the dresser . Not being in the mood to use a piddle pad I figured I could wait another half hour. At eight sharp I started boxing her foot again and telling her in Doglish to wake up and get moving. Today is the day I see Miss Marilyn and get my hair done, nails trimmed, back rubbed, get a bubble bath, have a play date with Rocky or whoever else is there AND get a new ribbon. Last time it was lime green for Saint Paddy’s day. Today will be a surprise.

Mom gets up and takes her pills, and then she opens the slider and I go out. This is the best part of my day, seeing who came by to see me last night. I check out the lawn and then patrol the perimeter of my domain. Sometimes it’s possum, skunk or squirrel. Sometimes it’s feral cats or gophers. I haven’t seen any rats or mice for a long time, though. Then I come in and have my breakfast. Usually it’s kibbles but sometimes Mom shares her oatmeal with me. Today, I got oatmeal, too. I LOVE oatmeal.

When we turn the corner to Miss Marilyn’s place I get really excited and hop up and down. She’s one of my best friends. I get the full treatment and Rocky was there today, too. So was Lucy, another Yorkie who looks just like me. We catch up on the neighborhood news and then wait for our moms to pick us up. My ribbon is cotton-candy pink, in case you’re interested

On the way back to work Mom stops by Carl’s Jr for lunch. She gets the special – 2 Super Stars for $5.00 and another 35 cents for cheese. I get a doggy burger (meat, no seasoning, no bun, nothing). At the office Mom gives one of the Super Stars to Marli who is there filing for us and she cuts up my meat for me. YUM. She already ate hers in the car (how rude as I was starving). Then Marli takes me for a walk. I read my “p-mail”, take care of some business and then go back to work.

As I curl up in my work bed and start to nap, I hear “Mary-Margaret, you have a customer!”. I get up and walk into the front office, say “Hello”, get some scratchies and belly rubs from my client, and then go back to bed. Mom takes it from there. We work until about 7:30PM (which is way past my dinner time) and then I remind Mom that it’s time to go home. I sit by the door and stare at her until she says “OK OK…I’m coming!”. We grab the mail, turn off the lights, lock the door and go downstairs where I do another piddle before getting into my car seat for the drive home.

This was my day. I wish you all days full of love, peace, joy and productivity.

Until next month, stay well and be happy.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Painting Day

The painters arrived at my house about 7:00AM. Awkward. We sleep in until about 8:00AM. At 7:30 there was all this banging so me and Mom got up to see what they wanted. Nothing, they said. They were just attaching plastic over the windows so they could start spraying. UGH (we both grumbled). Mom let me out to piddle but who can do that with all those men watching? I did a little here and there but raced back inside before I did the main poopie. Poopies are a big deal to us pups, you know, and we don't like getting off schedule. Ohhhh.....ahhhh....well, maybe if I scoot under the piano bench it won't be too noticeable?
Wrong again. Mom comes downstairs, wrinkles her nose and sniffs her way into the dining room. She spies with her little eye what I was so hoping she would miss. Eyebrow lifted, she scowls and mutters, "Mary-Margaret...did you do that?". I wonder about her. There's only two of us living here and I have yet to see her under the piano bench ever. "Yeah..yeah..yeah..." (I said). "It's still warm, but firm....ripe.....odorific....." (she says) as she scoops it up and carries it into the bathroom. This is one of the advantages to having a diet of Core Wellness grain free kibble and roast chicken. It doesn't leave even a tiny mark as it comes out onto our white carpet.
Our house is now completely taped up and we are held prisoner by sheets of vinyl and duct tape. This is not good. I need to go out again. I could use a piddle pad, I guess, but I prefer the tickle of fresh dew covered green grass on my furry little tush. I will hold it and hope no one is offended by any accidental minor gas leaks.
Uh oh.....and I hear Mom sniff and sniff again. Busted. We leave for work in an hour. I'll take care of it then.
Later, guys.  Wish me luck.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Midnight Surprises!!

It was a dark and chilly night.   Bed time rolls around and we go upstairs.  Mom turns on the electric mattress pad and plunks me on the bed.  We snuggle for a bit and then I hop down to the floor.  I find my pile of pillows in  the corner, rearrange them more to my liking and nestle in.  

A couple of hours later Mom feels the need for more snuggles and picks me up.   Ugh (I say), and wriggle my way to the top of the pillow pile on my side of the bed.  We're good for a while but I just don't feel right, so I scoot down to the foot of the bed and watch some TV before going back to my pillow pile on the floor.

About 2:15 AM, I am picked up AGAIN and put into bed, this  time under the covers.  We turn the TV off.  Mom thinks I'm cold and need some cuddles.   Some people just don't listen.

At 2:35 AM the bed starts to tremble and Mom wakes up.  "Huh?" (she says) and holds me even tighter.   The trembling increases and at 2:36 AM it's like Mt. Vesuvius all over again.  I blow.  Chucks and goop everywhere IN OUR BED.   "Arrrgh" (Mom says) and pats the place where I was laying because it's pitch black and she sees nothing.   "UGHHHH" and "EEEYEWWW"  (she says) as her hand hits the slimy mess.    Meanwhile I'm starting to feel a whole lot better.

Mom gets up, stumbles into the bathroom where she grabs a towel or two, plucks up the chunks and pieces from the sheets, blots and wipes off the slime, and then lays a clean towel over the now slightly damp spot on my side of the bed.   I'm nestled in my pillow pile on the floor, starting to doze off, when Mom says "I love you, Mary-Margaret!" and I know that all is well in our world.   My mom understands that this kind of stuff happens with pups.  When you adopt us you commit to loving us no matter what, even if your bed is full of slime at 2:36 in the morning.  It's for better or worse all the way.

Oh yeah...let me tell you that I know what created our midnight drama.   Free samples of duck munchies from the lady standing in front of Natural Pet Foods where we went to pick up my Core Wellness grain free kibble.   I told them I wasn't interested but the lady was determined to show Mom that her stuff was something that all pups craved.  So I gave in, had a couple, and I guess they stuck in my craw (if I have one).   No more freebies for me.

Happy Valentines Day to all.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dr. George Michael Safonov

It's with a heavy heart that I must tell you that my Grandpapa passed away on June 1st, 2014.  He was 93 1/2 years old.   I went to visit him shortly before he left us.  I snuggled with him and we visited just like we did in the old days.   He remembered me, too.  "Oh, my sweet Mary-Margaret!  I just love her so much!",  he would say.

He liked to sleep a lot and mostly he kept his eyes closed.  He was sort of dozey as I attempted to get comfy on his hospital bed with him.  One side of his bed let me look out his window and the other side was closer to where my mom was sitting.  Rather than walk all the way around him to get to the other side I took a short cut, unfortunately missing my mark and landing smack on his "gentleman" parts.   "OHHH…..AHHH….!", he said as he opened his eyes and quickly sat up for the first time in a long time (I'm told).   "WHAT….?   Ohhh….Mary-Margaret!", and he laughed and petted me some  more.

Now that we had him awake and alert, we suggested he might like some ice cream…vanilla, perhaps?  That got his eyes twinkling again, so Mom asked the nurse for two little cups of vanilla ice cream and she spoon fed him according to his request.    It wasn't until after he passed that my Uncle Mike told her that he could have fed himself, but we didn't mind.   It was nice to feel that we made him happy at that moment.

I would have enjoyed some vanilla ice cream, too, but nobody offered any and despite my efforts to communicate my wishes I was very loudly ignored.  The silence was practically deafening.  Hmmmph.

Here's a picture of my Grandpapa when he was working at RAND Corporation back in 1955.   He was pretty important back then.  He was consulted by Robert Oppenheimer, Edward Teller, Arnold Kramish and other nuclear bigwigs of the day.

My Grandpapa was a genius when it came to Atomic Energy and it's applications in both war and peace.    He also wrote a remarkable theory on the beginnings of the Universe called "Photon-NonPhoton Universe".   You can read it by clicking the link on the right side of this page.  It's been read and downloaded by people from all over the world.  It's my Grandpapa's gift to mankind.

I'm so very proud to be his "beloved Grand Dogger" and to have been loved by him.   I will miss him so very much.


Monday, January 06, 2014

January 2014 Yorkie Times

Happy New Year to EVERYONE, especially all my "pawtners" in the world of Doggydom.   We have lost so many loved ones in the past year but even more new members of our global tribe have joined us.  We invite you to read all about us at The Yorkie Times and maybe this will be the year we will all find our true and forever families.

Love and kisses….


Friday, November 29, 2013

Mom in the News

We get asked to do a lot of things in our business.  One of our most favorite things is re-connecting people who have lost touch.  Sometimes it's people who get married for a couple of days and then disappear, sometimes it's finding old friends and relatives, and this time we found a former John Adams Junior High School PE teacher and his former student after way over 50 years.

We found Dave Heiser from the Santa Monica Paddleboard Club 1935 for our good friend Diane Carpenter.  We found him in the nick of time, too.  Another month and we'd really have to go digging…literally.

Enjoy the article in the Santa Monica Daily Press.

(Grandpa - click on Dave Heiser's name to get to the article!)

Love and kisses…

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving with friends who are like Family!

We went to my Aunt Margie's house today.  Her daughter, Becky, was there with two of her kids, Jacob (15) and Abby (9 almost 10),  and Becky's special boyfriend Mike.  Also Catherine, Margie's daughter, who is 21.  We got there and right away started watching the Dallas Cowboys vs the Raiders.  I don't know a whole lot about football but it seems a lot like puppy school, when it matters who gets the ball.

I played a lot with Abby and Catherine.  We went for a few walks and Mom went on one of them carrying her trusty plastic bag.  She seems to know just when I need to have that kind of walk almost like she can read my mind.  She sniffs, wrinkles her nose, grabs the baggie and away we go.

Then we came into the house and I hunkered down in my carrier until the grown  ups were done eating.  Then Abby and Catherine filled my little bowl with bits of turkey and ..oh was so good.  I had seconds and thirds.  Mom said I looked like I might explode.  Naturally, I passed on dessert.

"Little Miss" is the house kitty there.  She spent most of the time under the couch until Becky and her family left.  Then she sort of ventured out and we checked each other out for a bit.  Little Miss is very shy.  I think I can work with her.  By the time we were ready to leave she came out from under the couch and we made eye contact.   We declared a truce and we both look forward to our next visit.

Dinner was delicious.   There was turkey, dressing and gravy, candied yams, potatoes, corn, string beans, rolls and butter, cranberry, Mom's special Oregon sweet cherry gelatin squares with sour cream dressing.  The grown ups had pumpkin and apple pie for dessert.  Everyone laughed and hugged and got silly, and just had a very good time all together.   We were there about 4 hours and then we drove home.  We only live maybe 5 minutes away so even the drive was stress free.

When we got home Mom plunked herself into her big leather recliner and fell asleep.  I started dozing off too.  About 8:30:PM we decided it was time for bed and here we are, getting all rested up for tomorrow.

Hope you all had as great a day as we did, or maybe even better.

Love and kisses….


PS - Back in October I told you that I was figuring out how to untangle my leash from the desk legs?  Well, I've done it.  I get stuck, I call Mom.  She says "Silly puppy.  Go back under the desk and untangle yourself!".  So I do.  No fluke there.  I have mastered the art of disentanglement.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

November Newsletter

Dear Grandpa - I know we haven't been writing much lately.  Mom's been pretty busy at work and so have I.  When clients come into the office I go and greet them, show them where to sit, and then I hint for a belly rub.  Today a client came in and I sat and talked to her for the longest time.  Finally Mom asked me who I was talking to.  She didn't even see that we had someone there.  Anyway, I did a really good job, our client said.

Here's the link to this month's newsletter.  Click on it and then scroll down for my column.  

The Yorkie Times

I love you, Grandpa.


Sunday, October 06, 2013

Next time, I'll close my eyes!

I was truly enjoying the evening when I hear "Mary-Margaret, bedtime!".  I was in the far back left corner of the backyard where the two fences meet and I didn't move a muscle.  Mom couldn't see me because I blend into the weathered cedar.  Then she pulls out her secret weapon...a halogen flashlight.  She still couldn't see me but she did see two sparkly eyeballs.  She figured it was either me or another possum.  She put on her shoes and marched over to the corner muttering "You better get in the house if you're Mary-Margaret, and if you're a possum or raccoon, you better run!".   She gets scary when she's like that.

Love and kisses...


Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Learning by Observation

Dear Grandpa...   I know it's been a while since I've written in my diary.  Mom's been awfully busy and she growls at me when I ask for her help.    It's 1:10AM and I'm sneaking this in while she's dozing on and off.

Today I managed to get my leash all wound around the desk in the reception area.  Mom was busy doing something in the inner office and said "Hang on...just a sec!", but you know how that goes.  I told her and told her I needed help, and the best she could do was make hand signals at me, and say "Go back around!".   She made her hand go in a circle and it hit me.  Do a pirouette like I do when our clients leave.   So I did.   Then she says "No no...the other way!", and made her hand do a reverse circle.  So I did.

Man, I tell you.  She got all excited.  "Good girl!", she said.  "That's right! Now go under the desk!".  I walked back under the desk like she said and got another part of my leash undone.   "Wow!", she said. "You are one smart puppy!".   I'm still stuck, though.   I can't quite get the leash out from under the desk where I've wedged it in pretty good.  Finally she gets off her duff and gives it one last yank.

"!  By God, I'm FREE at last!".   Still....I think she's pretty impressed with me.  I can see her wheels turning, wondering just how much I understand and what else she can teach me.  Meanwhile, I'm thinking "Uh oh.  What have I done?".

I'm just saying that people don't give us pups enough credit for being smart.  We do our best to live up to your expectations of us.   Sometimes, we even surprise you and ourselves at what we can accomplish.

Love and kisses....

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Yesterday I went to Miss Cathleen's to hang out while mom got some work done.  Miss Cathleen was nibbling on an apple and that looked pretty interesting to me.  I don't remember ever having apple before.  She tossed me a tiny piece with the peel on it.  Apple = yum; Peel = blegh.  I quickly figured out how to peel the apple with my tongue and spit out the peel.   The ladies thought I was pretty smart.  Chunk after chunk, apple in - peel out.  I am so totally stoked.  I LOVE apple.

A lady came in while we were there.  She was really friendly and gave me lots of pets.   She also kept looking at me sideways.  Finally she asked Mom if I went to Marilyn's place for my haircuts.   Mom asked her who's mom she was.  Turns out she's Buddha's mom, a black and white Shih Tzu that I spend some time with.  He reminds my of my sweet Hashimoto, but we are just friends.   "Ah!", she said.   "I thought I recognized Mary-Margaret!".   Mom lifted an eyebrow at me.  It seems I know more people in Temecula than she does!  (bark out loud)



Tuesday, July 09, 2013

July 2013 - Yorkie Times

Summertime..summertime.  The July issue of the Yorkie Times is out.  Hurry hurry and get yours before they're all sold out.

July 2013 - The Yorkie Times




PS - Checking bag to make sure my burger patties were made to order.  I just LOVE In'N'Out.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Slumber Party

Monday night I was invited to my very first "sleep-over" with the Lillard sisters, Roxie, Sasha and Callie.  They are miniature Collies and quite a bit bigger than I am.  Callie sleeps with Jennifer, and I got to snuggle in Jennifer's bed, too.   I had a pretty decent time, I guess.  I got to go to the Dog Park for the first time because my mom NEVER lets me go (she's afraid I'll catch something from the other pups), and I got some dinner, and some cuddles and scratchies.

The truth, if it be known, is something else entirely.  I was abandoned....dumped. "Sleep over", my left paw. It was a complete LIE. My mother LEFT me all night long. Jennifer is my co-worker and she likes me and I like her but nobody said I was going to be sharing her bed with another dog for the whole night, and that my mom wasn't going to come rescue me. Jennifer drove me to work first, and then to my house after Mom got home. I'm so mad I could spit.  I gave Mom the cold shoulder all day. I was a mess. My hair was all rumpled and sticking out, and I had hives on my belly and I slept all day. I won't get over this quickly, you know. Yorkies hold grudges and this one is a biggie. (PS - steak or In'N'Out might help a little - hint hint)

Finally about 5:00PM on Tuesday when me and Mom were napping, I gave my mom a gazillion kisses all over her face.  She laughed and said "Oh, I'm so glad you're not mad at me any more!".  Well, RATS!  I had forgotten I was miffed so I rolled over and continued with the cold shoulder.  For dinner I got chicken and kibble.  

Wednesday afternoon things got better.  We went to In'N'Out for lunch and I got TWO hamburger patties instead of my usual one.  My practice sessions at laying guilt paid off.  I need to work on "hinting", though.  Having to wait for one whole day is unacceptable in my book.

That's it for now.  



Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sharing some recent reviews about RASCAL

My mom is a Private Investigator and she just LOVES her work.  Mostly she likes putting families back together.  She also finds people who need to know they're part of a lawsuit so they can either defend themselves or help out as a witness.

Her company is called "RASCAL" (which is Rancho Attorney Service of California for short) and that's where I work as a receptionist and Vice President in charge of Public Relations.

Having happy and appreciative customers is what it's all about. We thank you all for your comments.   

From Google:
A Google User reviewed in the last week

Quality Excellent

I used Rancho Attorney Services, specifically Michele Dawn, to help me find my father. I had been looking for him for nearly 30 years. I searched the Internet, called numbers in the phone book and emailed numerous potential family members. Thanks to the help of Michele and the staff at Rancho, my father was found. I honestly doubted it was ever going to be possible. However, they found him within a few days. They asked me all sorts of questions to help me find him. I am so grateful for their help. I am going to talk to him for the first time tomorrow!!
Google User reviewed a year ago

Overall Excellent

Michele is Excellent! She worked quickly to find the people we were searching for. She even worked on it through the weekend. She is really good, and fast at what she does! She has been a tremendous help to us. I would recommend her to everyone.

A Google User reviewed a year ago

Overall Excellent

We were hitting dead ends with everything we tried even with another service. Michele took over and in no time found the people we needed to contact. I would recommend her services to anybody. Excellent work!

A Google User reviewed a year ago

Overall Excellent

Another service only tried 3 times and then wanted to be paid again. RASCAL took over, found that the address wasn't any good, located a new address and got the papers served.

From YELP:


Wow Amazing Company !!!!!! After 6 years and desperately needing some paperwork from Rancho all I did was made a phone call and Michele produced all my paperwork I needed to follow up on a judgement not collected from 2007. Always used Rancho for my process serving and they ALWAYS found who we were looking for. Still can't believe they had all my records. If you want efficiency you have to use . They will always be here for you......



I am totally amazed!!! I was referred to Rancho Attorney Service, specifically to Michele Dawn, by I was told she may be able to help me locate my biological father that I have never met. I talked to and emailed Michele several times about my father. I had very limited information about him to give her. I had been searching for him for nearly 30 years. Well, within less than a week she, and the staff at Rancho/Rascal Proccessing, were able to locate him. I am still completely in awe of what they were able to do. Tomorrow I will be talking to my father for the first time thanks to them!!!!

Hewitt G.

Temecula, CA

8/2/2012 First to Review

You absolutely cannot go wrong with RASCAL! You will be greeted by the lovely Mary Margaret when you arrive. Dawn is all about the attention to details and carefully checks all paperwork to ensure you've delivered a complete set. I have used them several times in the past and her process servers will find those hard to reach people who try and hide in small spaces. They are reasonable and a lot of fun to work with!

-Hewitt   I just wanted to share this with my Grandpa.  I think he'd be very proud of me and my mom and what we've done to make the world a better place.   Love, Mary-Margaret

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Dear Grandpa -

First off, I feel everly so much better.  My bladder infection is probably cleared up but Mom is still making me take my medicine even though I scrunch up my face and try to push her fingers out of my mouth with my tongue, and I've even threatened to bite her.   Not that I would, you know, but it's always to my advantage to remind her that I could, if I wanted to.

Next, Michael says your special phone was approved so you can hear or read everything we're saying.   This is what your phone might look like, or maybe you'll get the one where there's a little TV screen that prints out what people are saying.  Click on the arrow to play the video.

Greg will tell you more about it when he picks you up on Sunday (tomorrow). The one you're getting might not be exactly like the one in the video but it will be close.

Me and mom stayed home today and napped.  Tomorrow we'll go into the office and get some work done.

I love you, Grandpaw....


Friday, June 07, 2013

FLIP Mysteries - I'm on TV!

Not sayin' I'm a reality star or anything.  I had a "cameo" role in this.  Cameo means small but very important.   Yup.  That would be me.

This is about a bunch of ladies (and a small dog...ahem?) solving a couple of real life mysteries.   My mom, Michele, is the lady in the black&white top and I'm the small furry one in the pink t-shirt.  It was my job to make sure the digital camera was properly focused.

FLIP Mysteries - Women on the Case


Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Monday, June 03, 2013

June 2013 - The Yorkie Times

Here you go, folks. Fresh off the presses. THE YORKIE TIMES


Your on-the-spot columnist,